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Camp Size: 16-19 guests
Accommodation:  8 private A/C bungalows (Uma's)
Daily Meals: Included
Daily Transport: Daily boat rides included
Located in front of surf break: Yes, 4 Bobs (right)
Destination: Mentawai Islands
Surfing Ability: Intermediate to advanced
Budget: 4/5
Surf School: No
Surfboard Rental: Yes
Yoga: Yoga room, no classes
Ideal for: Anyone

kandui resort

There is no other place on earth like Kandui Island (aka karang majat). It’s home to the two best barreling waves in the world, Kandui Left and Rifles as well as the super rippable waves of Four Bobs and Karangbat Left (directly out the front). Throw in around 20+ additional waves within a 30 minute boat ride & it'll become pretty clear that no other surfing location comes close. 

Each day, the resort has various speedboats available to transport its guests to the regions numerous surf breaks as well as having additional dinghies & jet skis to transport you quickly to the waves directly out the front. 

The resort itself is the benchmark for a trip to the famed "playgrounds" surf region with "All Day Ray" (Ray Wilcoxen) at the helm. 8 air conditioned Uma's (bungalows) are available for its guests as well as a bar, restaurant, games room, gym & an extensive quiver of surfboard rentals.

The regions quickest & most reliable high speed internet is also available free of charge for its guests. 

Ideal for intermediateadvanced surfers, the resort is perfect for just about anyone looking for a trip to this slice of surfing paradise. 

8 x private uma's (bungalow) that sleeps 2-3 guests in each.

Each includes air conditioning as well as ceiling and portable fans.


Every uma is a locally hand crafted thatched house, built in the traditional Mentawai style. They are clean, spacious, comfortable, and offer breathtaking views of the waves, ocean as well as the islands that surround the resort.

Each uma includes;

- 2 to 3 guests per uma
- Wi-Fi (free)
- Queen sized bed with nets & rattan furniture
- Hardwood floors, a couch, desk, small table and chairs
- Air conditioning as well as ceiling & portable fans
- I-pod hook-up & small stereo
- Mini bar with cold drinks & snacks
- Private bathroom with sink, toilet, mirror & shower (hot and cold water)
- Personal safe
- Bath, hand, & face towels (we encourage people to bring their own beach towels)
- Electrical outlets with adapters (220V)
- Screened windows with a glass window that can be locked
- Curtains to let in or block out light.
- Direct access to a spectacular white sand beach just a few steps away

*6 uma's accommodate 2 guests. There is one king size bed and one full size bed in each Uma.
*2 uma's accommodate 3 guests. There are 2 king size beds and 1 full size bed in each Uma.

The 3 person uma is actually one huge uma that is split in half - that sleeps 6 guests in total. We call the 3 person uma's our family uma's. They are perfect for bigger groups.

All accommodations are shared. Guests wanting to stay in an uma exclusively (one guest only) will have to pay for the price for 2 people.

The resort can accommodate a family of pretty much any size. The 2 person uma's can easily become 3 person uma's if kids are involved. This applies for 3 person uma's accommodating 4 people. The kids pricing is based on how old they are, so if you have a family and are interested to know exact rates, please get in touch with everyone's ages and we'll send over a custom quote for your family rate.

kandui uma

mentawai islands

The open air restaurant & bar is the real heart of the resort. Like the Uma's, it's design principles follow the local traditions and customs & provides guests with a sense of barefoot luxury. Serving as the resorts hub, its not only a place to enjoy your meals, but it’s also an awesome meeting point to share a few of your daily surf stories with the other guests.

Guests can start their day with a “made to order” breakfast before or after their morning surf. Daily cuisine is plentiful and varied and includes local & freshly caught seafood as well as WesternItalianJapaneseMexicanThaiAmerican, and of course Indonesian. The resort is also proud to serve in-house organically-grown fruit & vegetables each day. 

Kandui Resort can cater for vegan and vegetarians given prior notice.

Included in all packages:

- 3 delicious meals each day
- 3 soft drinks & 3 juices (additional drinks can be purchased!)

Not included: Alcoholic beverages ($1 beers at all times!)

Meal times:

For early-birds, there is cereal, fruit salad, and toasts available in the restaurant.

* Breakfast - 6:30am - 10:30am (Please order with the bartender)
* Lunch - 12:30pm - 2:30pm (buffet style)
* Dinner - 7:30pm - 8:30 pm (buffet style)

Note: there is FREE Wi-Fi available for ALL its guests at the restaurant and bar.


facilities kandui
The floating dock, with Four Bobs in the background. The resort offers free Bintang's every afternoon on the dock - there’s no better Happy Hour in the Mentawais.

Included in your package:

- Daily boat rides including all canoes, dinghies & jet skis
- The best WiFi internet available in the Mentawai Islands
- $1 Beers at all times (free beers on the floating dock every afternoon)
- 3 daily meals served in the restaurant & bar
- Air conditioned accommodation with hot water
- Fishing trips
- Kandui Resort shirt
- Traditional Mentawai shamen ceremony during each trip
- Use of flat screen satellite TV's
- Use of sun loungers, couches & chill out areas
- Use of games room with ping pong & pool table
- Use of private gym
- Use of floating dock (literally within a stone’s throw of Four Bobs) 
- Use of beach volley ball, board games & DVD movie library
- Massages*
- Separate bar snack & drinks menu*
- Surfboard rentals (Fire Wire)*
- SUP rentals*
- Snorkeling gear*

*available with a fee

Video & photography

2 in-house photographers and 2 videographers are available all day, every day and virtually every single session is documented. Every evening, the days sessions are relived on Kandui's 2 big screen TVs (in the bar & restaurant). All the photos and videos are available for purchase at the end of every trip. Please contact us for pricing.

Not included:

- USD 75 Mentawai surfing tax (IDR 1,000,000)
- USD 295 DIRECT transfer from Padang – Kandui – Padang
- Alcoholic drinks
- Photo and video packages

floating dock kandui

Located in the pristine lagoon, directly out the front of the resort and overlooking Four Bobs, the "floating dock" is the perfect place to hang out in between surfs, to heckle your buddies or to catch one of Sumatra's world famous sunsets.

Guests can also take advantage of the Mentawais ultimate happy hour, when the resort offers its guests FREE Bintang's each afternoon for those hanging out on the dock.


longboat canoe

The resort typically uses 2 or 3 30 foot "longboat canoes" (above) and 2 smaller "tenders" to shuttle the guests around the resort for whatever activity they are enjoying.

There is also a 39' Catamaran with 2 x 250 hp engines perfect for cruising all day, surfing and fishing as well as another 39’ Speedboat for guest transfers and emergencies.

Are there set times to surf?

There is no set schedule for the boats, guests can surf when they are ready to surf. And as long as everyone is accounted for and the 2nd/3rd boat can travel safely (not over loaded with guests), there is no required "minimums" for daily surf trips. In 14 years of business, the resort has not had one complaint of not being surfed out!

On a typical day there is an "early" boat that will leave the resort around 6:30 am. Another boat will leave an hour later for those that like to eat breakfast beforehand. Many guests also choose to surf right out the front. These quick shuttles (using the resorts tenders and jet skis) are available all day long.

Most of the time, the large canoe speedboats will return for lunch and then head back out again for an afternoon and evening session.

Please note that your surf guides will be able suggest the best and least crowded options for the guests, but ultimately, the resort prefers to surf where the majority of the group feels like going. Although there is always excellent surf each day, it’s almost impossible to predict where you’re likely to surf until the evening before – as each wave is heavily dependent on the wind, tide, and swell conditions.


Guests of the resort will have a large variety of both Surftech and Firewire surfboards at their disposal. Avoid the hassle of dragging your prized possessions half way around the world, guests can also dodge the inherent surfboard handling costs that can soon mount up over multiple flights. 

FCS and Future Fins are available but if you have a fin preference then its always best to bring a set or two as well as your own leashes.  

Pricing is subject to change but allow around USD 30 / day to access the whole array of surfboards at Kandui. Its fantastic value with all things considered. 

Contact us via email for an up to date list of the boards available - [email protected]


The Mentawai Islands are one of the most consistent surf regions on the planet. Capturing the southern Indian Oceans ultra active storm cycles, surfers can expect world class surf throughout the year with a peak in consistency around May to September. Below you will find a break down of what you can expect month by month in terms of size and quality.


Certainly a great time of year for surfers looking for "fun-sized" waves, around the head high mark. Its also one of the least crowded times to visit the region. Expect to surf Burgerworld which needs a small swell to break properly, Nipussi which is another wave magnet, and even Bank Vaults. The waves around Kandui Island are likely to be on the small side. However, even a very small south swell & you'll be surfing alone at A-Frames, 4 Bobs & Pistols. Wind conditions are generally very light & variable with calm & sunny weather.


Similar to Feb but with a little more consistency with some bigger days thrown in the mix. Many of the breaks still wont be breaking consistently yet with a focus still on Burgerworld, nipussi, bank vaults and beng bengs. South swells give hope for some bonus days too. Still uncrowded.


Typically regarded as the start of the main season, the average wave heights can range from head high all the way up to triple over head although its mainly very user friendly surf. Expect light northerly winds in the morning followed by variable winds midday onwards. Crowds are typically pretty light but increase throughout the month. 


This month often produces the biggest south swells of the year with the cleanest conditions for waves like Rifles, its a month that attracts good surfers looking for big barrels. 


Similar to May in terms of size, but a slight shift to more south east winds and less north winds. But still generally light and variable winds. 


Typically bigger again with very consistent swell, its rarely under head high. The weather in July can produce a few more thunderstorms which combined with the abundance of swell means that many spots can "turn on" with a passing storm or squall. Winds tend be variable & it is a month where guests really count on having excellent surf guides to out smart the other camps and visiting charter boats! 


Still lots of swell, as big as any month. Less thunderstorms and a shift to more southeast winds (think lefts). This time of the year coincides with large south west swells. 


This month sees the return of thunderstorm activity, similar to July, although there are still beautiful sunny days to be had in the islands. Storms come and go. The swell cycle continues and the surf is still rarely less than head high. The crowds are thinning out a little compared to previous months.


October can still be a great month but certainly can have more patchy periods of smaller surf. Visiting guests tend to prefer smaller conditions around the head high mark with the odd bigger run of surf. Crowds usually thin out throughout the month and into November.

November - February

At anytime from October through February there are windows of truly amazing surf and weather, but the once endless cycle of southern hemisphere storms grinds to a halt. Surfers that visit during this time should expect really fun surf, in the head high range. Many of the surf camps in the area close. Crowds are minimal.

Its pretty mind blowing to think that there is always a good wave breaking in the Mentawai Islands. Its also unreal to think about the amount of surfers that get to experience "the wave of their lives" in this remote outpost of West Sumatra! Most of our guests visit from early April to early October, however, more and more surfers are staying during the fringe months (late October, through to March) in search smaller but less crowded waves.

surf map
Only Kandui Resort & Kandui Villas operate on Karangmajat island. All waves accessible within about 5 minutes!

Detailed information for all the surf breaks can be found in the destination's section of the site within the Playgrounds, Mentawai pages.

Full details: Playgrounds Surf Breaks

surf breaks
The waves found on the other islands take from 10-30 mins to reach by speedboat

travelling to Mentawais

Guests need to fly into Padang Airport (PDG), West Sumatra 

We recommend using https://www.skyscanner.net/ and flying into either Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - or Jakarta, Indonesia.  From KL, there is usually one morning flight (1hr) with Air Asia as well as a lunchtime flight to Padang.  From Jakarta, there are over a dozen flights each day that fly into Padang,  from airlines such as Garuda Airlines, Sriwijaya, Citilink & Lion Air. We recommend http://www.nusatrip.com

Note: Visa On Arrival: A FREE 30 day Visa On Arrival is now available for the following countries: Australia, USA, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Peru, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, England, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany. To see the full list visit this link: http://www.topbali.com/indonesia-free-visa-entry/

mentawai fast ferry

Transfers USD 295 per person (return trip)

Mentawai Fast Ferry

The safest, most reliable way of travelling between the mainland and the Mentawai islands. 

In 2017, a partnership was created with the Mentawai Fast Ferry, an 80 foot transfer boat that was specifically created for transport from Padang to the Mentawai.  Kandui Resort rents it *exclusively* for their guests and makes the 90 mile transfer in 3 hours flat, direct to the resort (weather permitting)

The resort has adopted a 10 day/10 night or 11 day/11 night schedule with "set travel days" (check "booking & pricing" tab for dates & availability).

Guests: Max 18 people
Padang to Resort: Saturdays & Tuesdays: depart 7:30am & arrive Kandui 10:30am (*direct* transfer)
Resort to Padang: Saturdays & Tuesdays: depart 1:30pm & arrive Padang 4:30pm (*direct* transfer)

At the end of your trip, guests will arrive back into Padang around 4:30pm. Please do not book any outbound flights before 7:00pm.

*If you are visiting Kandui Resort during our Shoulder Season (October – March), the Mentawai Fast return arrival time to Padang may vary.  Please contact us prior to booking your airfare.

Transfer package includes:

- Meet and greet at Padang Airport
- Taxis - Airport to Hotel - 1hr
- Taxis - Hotel to Mentawai Fast Ferry - approx. 5 to 10 minutes
- Mentawai Fast Ferry – 3 to 4 hr crossing (direct to Kandui Resort & direct back to Padang)

Padang Hotel
 (extra cost)

Guests are required to spend their first night in Padang. There are a number of very affordable hotels to choose from. Even the best hotels (below) are only around $40-60 for 2 guests including breakfast. We suggest staying at either of the following options:

Mercure Hotel - www.mercurepadang.com or Oxville Hotel - http://oxvillehotel.com (both are in the hotel district, about a 5 or 10 minute taxi ride to the ferry port).

Make sure you to pack light & within the baggage restrictions of your airline. 

Don’t leave for your trip without any of the following:

Passport valid for at least 6 months from date of departure and must have at least 1 completely blank page (no stamps, nothing)

Tickets & itinerary

Travel insurance policy

Cash – change $500 minimum per two weeks stay into Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

Valid Visa (for Australian, British & USA passport holders, visas can be issued on arrival (30 days max). Please check prior to purchasing your tickets.

Important: Make sure to check our "know before you go" section which is a handy page of what to expect as well as a detailed inventory of what to bring.

All guests travelling to any surf camp or charter boat in Sumatra will require Travel Insurance. Surf Camp Sumatra recommends using World Nomads for any trip to Sumatra. Simply use the below form to get a quote.

Set Trips

Trip Dates Nights Availabilty
Trip 1 26 FEB 19 to 09 MAR 19 11 11
Trip 2 09 MAR 19 to 19 MAR 19 10 15
Trip 3 19 MAR 19 to 30 MAR 19 11 16
Trip 4 30 MAR 19 to 09 APR 19 10 9
Trip 5 09 APR 19 to 20 APR 19 11 6
Trip 6 20 APR 19 to 30 APR 19 10 13
Trip 7 30 APR 19 to 11 MAY 19 11 7
Trip 8 11 MAY 19 to 21 MAY 19 10 6
Trip 9 21 MAY 19 to 01 JUN 19 11 7
Trip 10 01 JUN 19 to 11 JUN 19 10 0
Trip 11 11 JUN 19 to 22 JUN 19 11 0
Trip 12 22 JUN 19 to 02 JUL 19 10 0
Trip 13 02 JUL 19 to 13 JUL 19 11 0
Trip 14 13 JUL 19 to 23 JUL 19 10 0
Trip 15 23 JUL 19 to 03 AUG 19 11 0
Trip 16 03 AUG 19 to 13 AUG 19 10 10
Trip 17 13 AUG 19 to 24 AUG 19 11 13
Trip 18 24 AUG 19 to 03 SEP 19 10 8
Trip 19 03 SEP 19 to 14 SEP 19 11 13
Trip 20 14 SEP 19 to 24 SEP 19 10 18
Trip 21 24 SEP 19 to 05 OCT 19 11 18
Trip 22 05 OCT 19 to 15 OCT 19 10 18
Trip 23 15 OCT 19 to 26 OCT 19 11 18
Trip 24 26 OCT 19 to 05 NOV 19 10 10

Booking Notes

Above pricing **does NOT include Padang to Kandui transfer: USD 295 pp return transfers**

Shoulder Season (October to March)

Daily rate; USD 265 **SINGLE**
10 day trip, USD 2,650 plus USD 295 transfer (or USD 2,945 including transfer)
11 day trip, USD 2,915 plus USD 295 transfer (or USD 3,210 including transfer)

Daily rate; USD 480 per **COUPLE** (USD 240 pp)
10 day trip, USD 2,400 pp + USD 295 transfer pp (or USD 2,695 pp including transfer)
11 day trip, USD 2,640 pp + USD 295 transfer pp (or USD 2,935 pp including transfer)

Main-Season (April to September)

Daily rate; USD 295 **SINGLE**
10 day trip, USD 2,950 + USD 295 transfer (or USD 3,245 including transfer)
11 day trip, USD 3,245 + USD 295 transfer (or USD 3,540 including transfer)

Daily rate; USD 540 per **COUPLE** (USD 270 pp)
10 day trip, USD 2,700 pp + USD 295 transfer pp (or USD 2,995 pp including transfer)
11 day trip, USD 2,970 pp + USD 295 transfer pp (or USD 3,265 pp including transfer)

A USD 500 deposit per person is required to secure your booking.

Initial deposit is non-refundable but transferable or exchanged with a friend to take your place on that specific date (passengers are responsible for finding their own replacements).

Balance of payment is due 60 days prior to departure and is 100% non-refundable.

Bank transfer

Bank details will be emailed upon booking. 

Debit & Credit Card

Credit Card payment (Visa or Mastercard) plus additional 4% processing fee
Also available for services at the resort


Details will be emailed upon booking. 
Payments incur additional 4% PayPal processing fee


Travel Insurance is mandatory for your safety and no guest will be able to depart on any trip unless they have copies of their travel insurance documents before departure. We advise all guests take out insurance upon booking in case of accident or personal problems prior to your trip.

By way of payment guests are agreeing to both Kandui Resort & Surf Camp Sumatra's Terms & Conditions.

Both links can be found below;

Kandui Resort: https://mentawaiislands.com/terms-and-conditions/

Surf Camp Sumatra: http://www.surfcampsumatra.com/surf-camp-sumatra-terms.shtml

This surf trip is an independent surf operator and is not part of or in partnership with Surf Camp Sumatra. Surf Camp Sumatra acts as an agent only. We sell various travel related products on behalf of numerous transport, accommodation and other service providers, such as land based accommodation and boat charter operators. Surf Camp Sumatra's obligation is to make travel bookings on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and travel service providers. Surf Camp Sumatra has no responsibility for these services nor do we make or give any warranty of representation regarding their standards. All bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by these service providers.

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Item Krui Mentawai Telos Banyaks Simeulue Hinakos
Alcohol available Yes Yes Yes Yes Limited Yes
Beaches OK Great Good Great Good Great
Crowd Good Good Great Great Good Great
Date Flexibility Great OK Poor Poor Great Great
Diving No Yes No No No Yes
Family Friendly OK Great Good OK OK Great
Female Friendly OK Great Great Good OK Great
Fishing OK Good Good Good OK Good
For Couples OK Great Good OK OK Great
Learn to Surf Yes Yes No No No No
Snorkelling OK Great Good Great OK Great
Surf & Yoga Yes Yes No No No Yes
Surf Season April-Nov All Year All Year April-Nov All Year All Year
Surfer Daily Budget $30+ $130+ $225+ $200+ $50+ $160+
Surfing Ability Beginner+ Beginner+ Intermediate+ Intermediate+ Intermediate+ Intermediate+

Mentawai Surf RetreatPlaygrounds

Set in a pristine bay with sunset views overlooking Pitstops, an extremely fun and rippable right hander...

Surfers From: USD 250 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 250 pp / night

Kandui VillasPlaygrounds

Watch Kandui breaking from the infinity pool or relax in the Spa in between surfs, "KV" takes a surf trip to new levels

Surfers From: USD 212 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 175 pp / night

Aloita ResortNorth Sipora

One of the best family & couple surf resorts in Indonesia, let alone Sumatra - Aloita Resort is a hard act to follow

Surfers From: USD 210 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 140 pp / night


Macaronis ResortPagai

The ultimate Mentawai surf resort with direct access to what's been described as the funnest wave on the planet...

Surfers From: AUD 360 252 pp / night
Beginners From: AUD 195 pp / night


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