Surf & Yoga Holidays

Yoga compliments surfing perfectly. It builds strength, flexibility, balance & reduces stress. The connection is so much more than a physical benefit, although its certainly a great way to stay in shape when the surf goes flat. Considered somewhat mystical, yoga is a 5,000 year old ancient science. Core beliefs are based on controlling the breath, which in turn can control the mind which effectively can control the body. Besides being a great form of exercise, it also builds core strength throughout your body for surfing whilst relaxing your fatigued muscles. As a surfer, your muscles are constantly contracting & relaxing while in the water often becoming filled with tension. Yoga helps lengthen the muscles and free up the physical knotting accumulated that is inevitable when surfing.

Aloita Resort

Aloita ResortNorth Sipora

Arguably the best value for money surf camp in the whole region, the resort also has a Dive Centre and Spa...

Surfers From: USD 185 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 140 pp / night

Togat Nusa Retreat

Togat Nusa RetreatNorth Sipora

A private surf & yoga sanctuary that's blessed with an extremely good left hander that graces its shores...

Surfers From: USD 222 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 222 pp / night

Mahi Mahi  Resort

Mahi Mahi ResortSimeulue

The finest constructed surf camp to grace the shores of Simeulue, directly in front of an epic A-frame peak...

Surfers From: USD 113 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 113 pp / night

BeOcean Surf Camp

BeOcean Surf CampKrui, South Sumatra

A little slice of paradise in South Sumatra that overlooks a left hander and an equally hollow right...

Surfers From: Euro 55 pp / night
Non Surfers From: Euro 35 pp / night

Kandui Villas

Kandui VillasPlaygrounds

Watch Kandui breaking from the infinity pool or relax in the Spa in between surfs, "KV" takes a surf trip to new levels

Surfers From: USD 191 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 157 pp / night

Puri Asu Resort

Puri Asu ResortHinako Islands, Nias

A classy tropical paradise just a stones throw from a very consistent and hands down epic left hander...

Surfers From: USD 125 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 100 pp / night

Bilou Beach Villas

Bilou Beach VillasNorth Sipora

A classy tropical paradise at an affordable price, just a stones throw away from a mechanical right hander...

Surfers From: USD 113 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 114 pp / night

Item Krui Mentawai Telos Banyaks Simeulue Hinakos
Alcohol available Yes Yes Yes Yes Limited Yes
Beaches OK Great Good Great Good Great
Crowd Good Good Great Great Good Great
Date Flexibility Great OK Poor Poor Great Great
Diving No Yes No No No Yes
Family Friendly OK Great Good OK OK Great
Female Friendly OK Great Great Good OK Great
Fishing OK Good Good Good OK Good
For Couples OK Great Good OK OK Great
Learn to Surf Yes Yes No No No No
Snorkelling OK Great Good Great OK Great
Surf & Yoga Yes Yes No No No Yes
Surf Season April-Nov All Year All Year April-Nov All Year All Year
Surfer Daily Budget $30+ $130+ $225+ $200+ $50+ $160+
Surfing Ability Beginner+ Beginner+ Intermediate+ Intermediate+ Intermediate+ Intermediate+