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The Mentawai islands is a year round surf destination with the main surf season from April-October

Considered by most surfers as the ultimate surf trip, the region has the perfect mix of excellent swell consistency, crystal clear tropical water & light winds, culminating in perfect world class surf. 

The region is divided into 4 surfing regions - Playgrounds, North Sipora, South Sipora & Pagai. Playgrounds boast the most breaks with more than 20 local waves bur experiences more surfers. North Sipora is usually the quietest region & has 9 wavesSouth Sipora is home to both HTs and Lances Left as well as some other quality spots. Further south is the most remote region of Pagai, where the world famous Macaronis is located. 

Guests can stay at a Mentawai surf camp in any of the regions and will surf the local waves. For those wanting to experience even more variety, then a Mentawai surf charter is usually the best option.

Mentawai Islands

Krui (aka South Sumatra) has consistent waves and favourable winds from April-October.

Although not as hyped up as the Mentawai Islands to the north, the Krui region also benefits from excellent swell consistency, crystal clear tropical water & trade off-shores during the main season. The handful of local surfers are extremely laid back & there's a friendly & warm vibe in the line-up.

The region is divided into 2 surfing areas with around 12 excellent surf breaks. Most surf camps are located at Tanjung Setia which is 30km south of the town of Krui. Here you'll find the area's best & most consistent wave Ujung Bocur (aka Karang Nyimbor) as well as Way Jambu & Mandiri Beach being less than 15 mins away. 

On the outskirts of Krui, surfers will also find a cluster of other surf camps with 3-4 excellent punchy waves. The remaining breaks are mainly found to the north of Krui.

Krui, South Sumatra

The Telo islands is a year round surf destination with the main surf season from April-October

Although the region also receives very similar swell consistency & winds as the neighbouring Mentawai Islands, the line-ups remain quieter with far fewer surf camps and charter boats operating in the region. 

Divided into 2 surfing regions - both the North & the South surf zones are each home to around a dozen quality surf spots & offer some of the least crowded waves in Sumatra. 

Surfers can stay at a Telo Surfing Village & surf the local waves including Pasti, which produces some of the longest tubes you can find Sumatra. For those wanting to experience even more variety (both north & south regions), then a Telo surf charter is usually the best option.

Telo Islands

The island of Simeulue is a year round surf destination with the main surf season from April-October

Technically part of Aceh, the island sits just off the north west coast of Sumatra & is exposed to the longest "fetch" of any Sumatran island, guaranteeing groomed swells reaching its shores.

Although surfing in the islands is somewhat in its infancy compared to the rest of Sumatra, Simeulue already has 2 distinct areas where surf camps can be found. The main cluster of camps can found in front of Dylans Right, arguably the islands best wave. The second area can be found about 35 mins away in front of the islands most consistent wave, an A-frame peak known as The Peak or Jackals.

Guests can stay at one of Simeulue's surf camps to access the islands waves. Charter boats occasionally visit the area but this is not a regular occurrence as they tend to head towards the uninhabited shores of the nearby Banyak Islands.


The Hinako islands are a year round surf destination with the main surf season from April-October

Situated just off the west coast of the island of Nias, the region is considered somewhat of a swell magnet, producing some of the least crowded waves in the whole of Sumatra. Unlike its more famous neighbouring island of Nias, the Hinako's don't suffer from localism as there are no local surfers. The vibe is usually extremely relaxed. 

Made up of just 8 islands, the 2 main waves are found on Asu and Bawa. The focus is usually on the world class left hander simply named Asu, a mechanical & consistent wave that works on all tides and can hold huge swellsAn additional 6 or 7 waves are found within less than 45 minutes apart.

Guests can stay at Asu surf camp to surf the local waves. Charter Boats occasionally visit the region but not on a regular basis.

Hinako Islands, Nias


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