Mahi Mahi Resort, Simeulue

Simeulue surf report November 2018

Simeulue surf report November 2018

by Mahi Mahi ResortNovember 2018 ...


Guest Reviews


Surf trip heaven!

By Tim Hummerston, 15th June 2017

Great accommodation wonderful staff, food, waves and Anna even helped me out with my flights to Simeulue. Beautiful & untouched, it’s a real old tropical island feel, one of the best surf trips I've done. I will definitely be returning.


Beautiful spot, great crew, great waves

By Steve Baulks, 12th July 2016

If you're heading to Simeulue, Mahi Mahi is the place to stay. Next door to Aura, but newer, nicer and surprisingly cheaper. Views of the peak from your bed, the surf pumped nearly every day. Food was exceptional. Thanks Anna, Shaun, Nate & Iona for a great time. Steve, NZ


Great place

By Tony Ashbury, 25th July 2017

Accommodation was simple but great. Rooms cleaned each day. Food was very tasty and the staff were very helpful with a nice vibe about the camp. The Peak in front was not always on. The surf ranged from ok to excellent the entire time we were there with some of the other spots really turning on. We also chartered their boat to the Banyaks for a couple of days where we scored some very fun waves. Absolute cracker of a trip.

Simeulue surf map

Camp Size: 20+
Accommodation: Private bungalows
Daily Meals: Included
Daily Transport: Included
Located in front of surf break: Yes, The Peak
Destination: Simeulue
Surfing Ability: Intermediate to advanced
Budget: 3/5
Surf School: No
Surfboard Rental: Yes (limited)
Yoga: Yes (2 free classes each day)
Ideal for: Any size group

mahi mahi simeulue resort

Mahi Mahi is the newest and arguably the finest constructed surf camp to grace the shores of Pulau Simeulue

Located in a garden paradise, fronted by a white sand beach, the resort sits directly in front of Simeulue’s most consistent wave The Peak, an epic A-frame wave that breaks left and right. The areas other 10+ waves can be accessed by motorbike. Trips to T-bags (infamous right hander) that requires a speedboat ride can be arranged at the resort.

Guests also have the option of visiting the Banyaks Islands by chartering Mahi Mahi’s very own private charter boat that can easily sleep 5 guests.

mahi mahi surf resort

surf camp

Standard Houses 

6 x Single Rooms (1 guest each)
3 x Double Rooms (2 guests each) 

Deluxe Houses 

2 x Upper floor (1-5 guests each)
2 x Ground floor (3-4 guests each)


In detail:

Single Room (1 guest)

Fan cooled room with single bed, ideal for solo travellers. Located on the lower floor of the villa includes private western style bathroom & no hot water.  Ocean View.

Double Room (1-2 guest)

Fan cooled room with King bed, ideal for couples. Located on the upper floor of the villa, includes private bathroom with no hot water. Balcony with amazing ocean view.

Twin Room (1-2 guest)

Fan cooled room with twin beds, ideal for couples. Located on the upper floor of the villa, includes private bathroom with no hot water. Balcony with amazing ocean view.

Java Villa – "Upper Floor" (1-5 guests)

Each Java Villa has 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms with hot water shower.
Room 1 has a king bed with A/C
Room 2 (middle room) can be either be twin beds or king bed but has no A/C.  The middle room can also be turned into a lounge area if no one is using it during night time
Room 3 has a single bed with A/C.
Includes 3 balconies giving amazing ocean views

Bali Villa – "Lower Floor" (3-4 guests)

Each Bali Villa has 2 bedrooms with king beds and A/C.
Includes one bathroom with hot shower water, lounge & kitchen area with a fridge to store drinks.
Although ground level each villa has ocean views

Entire Villa – "Upper and Lower Floor" (9 guests)

Includes 3 king bed room with A/C, 1 single room with A/C and 1 Twin or King bed room with no A/C.
3 bathrooms with hot shower, 1 lounge/kitchen area with fridge and 3 balconies giving the best ocean view.

All packages include

- 3 meals a day, and unlimited purified drinking water.
- Free use of the fishing equipment, snorkelling gear, and stand-up paddle board is provided.
- 2 daily Yoga Classes
- Extra snacks and drinks are charged for.

Families staying in one of the villas with kids (under 12) receive 10% discount
Children 0-6 years old stay for FREE
Note: For families with infants there is a travel cot and high chair available free of charge.

Banyak Islands Surf Charter

Mahi Mahi Resort is the proud owner of The Mahi Mahi; a 42 ft 2×300 Suzuki HP live-a-board charter boat. 

Capable of cruising at 20 knots, small groups of up to 1-5 passengers can time the perfect surf trip to the world class surf found in the Banyak Islands.

Daily Price USD 1,443 (1-5 guests).

Those also spending time at Mahi Mahi Resort will also receive 10% discount on the above rates.

Suggested trip;

10 day Resort + Boat Charter Package 

- 7 days / 8 nights at the resort + 3 days / 2 nights surfing in the Banyak Islands aboard the charter boat.
- "Priority" over the boat during your whole trip so you can choose what days you'd like to head to the Banyak Islands
- Perfect for those who want to enjoy both Simeulue & the Banyak Islands.
- Guests will be charged 8 nights at Mahi Mahi Resort & 3 days on the charter boat

More details about the package:

- Total 8 nights are slept at the resort, 2 nights on the boat - 10 nights total (3 days surfing in the Banyaks)
- Standard departure early morning and return late evening, total 3 days from arrival to departure. 
- Guests can leave 1 night earlier (at no extra charge) although they will not get an extra discounted night at Mahi Mahi Resort.
- Minimum 3 days per trip. Its also possible for 4 day trips or longer on the boat, or extra nights at the resort too.
- We recommend 5 guests for optimal conditions as with 6 or more guests it can start to get quite crowded on the boat.

In detail

Guests are just a short boat ride away (typically 4-5 hours) from the Banyak Islands including one of Indonesia's premier waves "Treasure Island". Although they produce incredible waves, the Banyaks need a good swell to really fire, and it’s rare to get a solid swell for 10 days straight. That's why its far better to strike when the swell is truly pumping. This way you'll not waste any time when the swell is small (which is ideal for Simeulue). 

Guests will be in the experienced hands of the boats Western captain as well as an Indonesian chef, trained at the resort to cook meals adapted for western tastes. Food is of course included and includes for breakfast; pancakes or omelettes, fruits, coffee and tea. Dinner and Lunch is a variation of Indonesian and western cuisine (spaghetti, beef rendang, tacos for example) or fresh fish caught from the boat!

Boat and land packages

10 Nights package including 3 days (2 nights) boat charter:

1 pax = 5,088 USD
2 pax = 6,288 USD
3 pax = 7,488 USD
4 pax = 8,688 USD
5 pax= 9,888 USD
6 pax = 11,088 USD

10 Nights package including 4 days (3 nights) boat charter:

1 pax = 6,234 USD
2 pax = 7,285 USD
3 pax = 8,334 USD
4 pax = 9,384 USD
5 pax= 10,434 USD
6 pax = 11,484 USD

- Accommodation type is single room, can upgrade into our premiums Bali or Java villa for extra fee of 35 USD/night/pp or swap 2 single room for a double/twin room.
- We recommend max 5 people at the time but can make exception if everyone is ready to squeeze in!
- Package gives 10% discount on boat!
- During your 10 night stay with us we target the best swell and head toward the Banyaks
- Rate is including all taxes!

Boat specs

Boat is equipped with A/C, 1 shower/toilet, 1 cabin that sleeps 2 guests and living room that transforms into the sleeping room for 4 guests at night. The crew sleeps above on deck. Other Boat specs are:

- L x B x D = 12m x 3.9m x 1.36m
- Aluminium hull
- 2x 300Hp Suzuki four stroke engines

Get in touch today for a personalised quote so you can experience North Sumatra in the best possible way!

Mahi Mahi charter Boat

Mahi Mahi Surf Charter Boat

simeulue surf

Included in the price:

- 3 large, healthy delicious meals are served each day
- Unlimited purified Water.

Not included in the price:

- Alcoholic beverages (45,000 IDR / small bintang)
- Soft drinks
- Additional snack bar menu


surfing simeulue

Guests staying at Mahi Mahi Resort will have unprecedented access to The Peak which sits directly in front of the camp.

For those looking to explore the rest of the coastline, guests have FREE use of their scooters (with surfboard racks) during their stay. There are available motorbikes (first come first served basis) as well as a daily car trip with the surf guide that will take the guests to the best spot that day. Our surf guides will always be on hand to direct you to the majority of the other waves that can be easily found using the coastal road. There are a number of named surf breaks within a 60 minute drive and a few other waves do require a boat trip (approx $20 pp) that can also be arranged upon your arrival. 

* Additional motorbikes can be rented locally for approximately 50,000 IDR (approx USD 5) per day
* Additional cars can be rented locally for approximately 450,000 IDR (approx USD 45) per day

Surf Photographer Simeulue

Surf Photographer Simeulue

For those interested in surf photos or some video of their trip, Surf Camp Sumatra have teamed up with a local photographer who can shoot from the land (or in the water at a small extra cost) - and take photo or video.

IDR 300,000 for 1 person (all day) - approx $25 USD
IDR 500,000 for 3 people (all day) - approx $37 USD

Get in touch with us for more information!

Although Simeulue is largely a very quiet island, guests can find alternative activities to keep themselves amused when not surfing, including:

At the resort:

* Swimming Pool (new 2018)
* Table Tennis

* Volley Ball
* DVD projector
* Stereo system
* Board games
* Stand-up paddle board
* Reading from the comfort of your own hammock
* Surfboard Rental
(approx USD 11 / day - IDR 150,000 / day)

Away from the resort:

* Waterfall excursions (see below)
* Snorkelling (see below)
* Fishing (see below)
* Turtle watching (see below)

In detail:

Waterfall - Kampung Leubung

Half day excursion
Local guide - approx $5 pp

This beautiful waterfall is a short motorbike ride away followed by a two hour walk through rice paddy fields, tropical rainforest and some shallow rivers. The waterfall is usually deserted & has two picturesque swimming areas with plenty of space to have a picnic.                                    

Waterfall - Kampung Putra Jaya

Half day excursion
Local guide not needed

Although accessed by a longer motorbike ride – it’s easily found as its close to the road. The main pool has two waterfalls with another waterfall slightly further up the hill. Certainly a great little adventure but we’d recommend avoiding the weekends, especially Sunday’s as it can get busy with the locals.                                     

Snorkelling (some equipment provided free of charge)

There are numerous excellent snorkelling areas along the coast of Simeulue with even better visibility found throughout the neighbouring islands. In particular, a half day trip to Pulau Mincau & Seflak offers really good snorkelling from the safety of a small boat. 

Fishing (some equipment provided free of charge)

The warm currents circulating amongst the islands meet with the cooler waters of the Indian ocean. This culminates in a popular hotspot for the likes of Coral Trout, GT's, Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Barracuda, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Sail fish & Marlin.

Turtle watching

Certainly a sight to behold, this night time experience can be worth the effort.  But be warned, the turtles only lay their eggs during the full moon cycle randomly along a 5km stretch of beach! 

Simeulue is technically part of Aceh with nearly all of its population being Sunni Muslims. Although extremely friendly, they do expect their beliefs to be considered. The main things to know prior to travel is that women are recommended to dress modestly, and to avoid wearing low plunge tops, bikinis, mini shorts or mini skirts. Most women who visit simply wear t-shirts with sarongs or t-shirts and casual loose summer pants/knee length shorts/knee length dresses and wear a t-shirt/rash with board shorts when they go for a surf. Girls can wear bikinis within the camps grounds as well as the outer islands when they surf but be prepared for a lot of staring by the boat men. That said, the people are very relaxed in Simeulue and girls are free to ride around alone without feeling intimidated. The second thing to consider is that alcohol is generally not sold on the islands other than at the camps where beer is available. Overall, its a very warm and welcoming island much like the rest of Sumatra.

Detailed information for all the surf breaks can be found in the destination's section of the site within the Simeulue pages.

Check them out here: Simeulue Surf Breaks

Guests staying at Mahi Mahi will have unprecedented access to Simeulue's most consistent wave, The Peak.

Each of the rooms have ocean views and a number of them also have direct views of The Peak

Once you're checked in, you're free to go for a surf out the front or to explore on one of the scooters available at the resort (free to all guests). Guests can use the scooters whenever they like, all that's required is that you hand over your room key in return for one of the bikes. A surf guide is available on site to point you in the right direction when looking to explore. There's also a guide book in each room that has instructions on how to reach the waves. 

For guests wanting to head out to Tea Bags (45 min boat ride) or to get more information about using the Mahi Mahi Charter Boat please feel free to approach any of the staff and they'll be happy to answer any question you might have.

medan to simeulue

Guests need to fly into Medan Airport (KNO) - Kuala Namu International Airport West Sumatra 

We recommend using and flying into Jakarta, Soekarno–Hatta International Airport (CGK) or Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL). From KL, there is usually one morning flight (1hr) with Air Asia as well as a lunchtime flight to Medan.  From Jakarta, there are plenty of flights each day that fly into Medan, from airlines such as Garuda Airlines, Sriwijaya, Citilink  & Lion Air. We recommend

Medan to Simeulue (same terminal as international flights)

From Medan, you will need to take an extra flight to Simeulue with Wings Air (part of Lion Air). There is only 1 flight each day.

Wings Air (Medan-Simeulue)
Flights: (approx) 500,000 IDR / $50 pp each way
Boards Fee: (approx) 200,000 IDR per board 
Board Length: 2.3m
Max board bag per flight: 8-14 (2-3 boards per bag)


Depart Medan (KNO): 13:20 (Flight# JT1240)
Arrive: Simeulue (SMG): 14:15

Depart Simeulue (SMG): 14:55 (Flight# JT1241)
Arrive: Medan (KNO) 15:35

Important: single, double & triple board bags are paid at check in CASH in IDR. Maximum 2.1m in length. Board bags are approx 200,000 IDR “per board”. You must ensure you have enough CASH in “IDR” to pay for excess board bags or baggage at check in at both Medan ‎and Simeulue airports, or risk not being allowed on the flight.

Land in Medan before 10:30am to fly Wings Air to Simeulue on the same day. Return flight depart Medan after 7pm then you get the last day surfing.
It’s very common for 2-3 hr delays with internal flights. Please book the last flight out of Medan (8pm or later) if planning on departing the same day.

Hotels in Medan

For those needing to overnight in Medan there are a number of affordable hotels available. Many hotels in Medan are approx 45 mins from airport.

Hotel Aryaduta -
Travel agent for taxis and hotels:

Note: Visa On Arrival: A FREE 30 day Visa On Arrival is now available for a number of countries including: Australia, USA, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Peru, Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, England, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany. 

All guests will be collected from Simeulue Airport on arrival and taken to Mahi Mahi Resort. 
This service is free of charge (Its around a 30 minute drive).
The same service will be provided at the end of your trip.

All guests travelling to any surf camp or charter boat in Sumatra will require Travel Insurance. Surf Camp Sumatra recommends using World Nomads for any trip to Sumatra. Simply use the below form to get a quote.

Make sure you to pack light & within the baggage restrictions of your airline. 

Don’t leave for your trip without any of the following:

Passport valid for at least 6 months from date of departure and must have at least 1 completely blank page (no stamps, nothing)

Tickets & itinerary

Travel insurance policy

Cash – change $500 minimum per two weeks stay into Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

Valid Visa (for Australian, British & USA passport holders, visas can be issued on arrival (30 days max). Please check prior to purchasing your tickets.

Important: Make sure to check our "know before you go" section which is a handy page of what to expect as well as a detailed inventory of what to bring.

Special Offers Dates Nights Person/Night Guests
Standard - Private room (double) -25% 01 NOV 18 to 31 JAN 19
Deluxe - Upper floor (double and single) "Java" -25% 01 NOV 18 to 31 JAN 19
Standard - Private room (twin) -25% 01 NOV 18 to 31 JAN 19
Entire Villa (Upper & Lower floor) 7-9 guests -25% 01 NOV 18 to 31 JAN 19
Standard - Private room (single) -25% 01 NOV 18 to 31 JAN 19
Deluxe - Ground floor (2 x double) "Bali" -25% 01 NOV 18 to 31 JAN 19
Standard - Private room (twin) -15% 01 FEB 19 to 30 MAR 19
Standard - Private room (single) -15% 01 FEB 19 to 30 MAR 19
Deluxe - Upper floor (double and single) "Java" -15% 01 FEB 19 to 30 MAR 19
Standard - Private room (double) -15% 01 FEB 19 to 30 MAR 19
Deluxe - Ground floor (2 x double) "Bali" -15% 01 FEB 19 to 30 MAR 19
Entire Villa (Upper & Lower floor) 7-9 guests -15% 01 FEB 19 to 30 MAR 19

2019 Prices

All Guests Dates Nights Person/Night Guests
Standard - Private room (single) 01 APR 19 to 30 SEP 19
Standard - Private room (double) 01 APR 19 to 30 SEP 19
Standard - Private room (twin) 01 APR 19 to 30 SEP 19
Deluxe - Upper floor (double and single) "Java" 01 APR 19 to 30 SEP 19
Deluxe - Ground floor (2 x double) "Bali" 01 APR 19 to 30 SEP 19
Entire Villa (Upper & Lower floor) 9 guests 01 APR 19 to 30 SEP 19

Booking Notes

Rates above already INCLUDE 11% local TAX

Available accommodation: 6 x Single Rooms (1 guest each), 3 x Double Rooms (2 guests each), 2 x Upper floor (3-5 guests each) & 2 x Ground floor (4 guests each).
Families staying in the villas with kids (under 12) receive 10% discount
0-6 year olds stay for FREE

Banyak Islands Surf Charter - Daily Price USD 1,443 (1-5 guests).

Those also spending time at Mahi Mahi Resort will also receive 10% discount on the surf charter rates.

A 30% deposit is required to secure your booking. Initial deposit is non-refundable but transferable or exchanged with a friend to take your place on that specific date (passengers are responsible for finding their own replacements).

Balance of payment is due 60 days prior to departure and is 100% non-refundable.

Payment only by Bank transfer

All transfer charges & bank fees, including correspondent bank fees, are to be incurred by the guests.

Bank details will be emailed upon booking.

Save a lot of $$$ by using for your international bank transfers. It's free and easy to use, you will receive much better currency rates than any bank. 

Please note: Guests are able to pay by credit card for additional services whilst at the resort.

Travel Insurance is mandatory for your safety and no guest will be able to depart on any trip unless they have copies of their travel insurance documents before departure. We advise all guests take out insurance upon booking in case of accident or personal problems prior to your trip.

By way of payment guests are agreeing to both Mahi Mahi Resort & Surf Camp Sumatra’s Terms & Conditions.

Both links can be found below;

Mahi Mahi Resort:

Surf Camp Sumatra:
This surf trip is an independent surf operator and is not part of or in partnership with Surf Camp Sumatra. Surf Camp Sumatra acts as an agent only. We sell various travel related products on behalf of numerous transport, accommodation and other service providers, such as land based accommodation and boat charter operators. Surf Camp Sumatra's obligation is to make travel bookings on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and travel service providers. Surf Camp Sumatra has no responsibility for these services nor do we make or give any warranty of representation regarding their standards. All bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by these service providers.

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Item Krui Mentawai Telos Banyaks Simeulue Hinakos
Alcohol available Yes Yes Yes Yes Limited Yes
Beaches OK Great Good Great Good Great
Crowd Good Good Great Great Good Great
Date Flexibility Great OK Poor Poor Great Great
Diving No Yes No No No Yes
Family Friendly OK Great Good OK OK Great
Female Friendly OK Great Great Good OK Great
Fishing OK Good Good Good OK Good
For Couples OK Great Good OK OK Great
Learn to Surf Yes Yes No No No No
Snorkelling OK Great Good Great OK Great
Surf & Yoga Yes Yes No No No Yes
Surf Season April-Nov All Year All Year April-Nov All Year All Year
Surfer Daily Budget $30+ $130+ $225+ $200+ $50+ $160+
Surfing Ability Beginner+ Beginner+ Intermediate+ Intermediate+ Intermediate+ Intermediate+


Salt Surf ResortSimeulue

Salt is the only surf camp that directly overlooks Simeulue's best wave Dylan's Right...

Surfers From: USD 75 50 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 60 pp / night


Simeulue Surf LodgesSimeulue

Just a stones throw from Dylan's Right, certainly one of Simeulue's best and most consistent waves...

Surfers From: USD 65 55 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 55 pp / night


Simeulue Surf HouseSimeulue

Sunset vistas from its impressive deck & 100m to Dylans Right, a world class wave by anyone's standards...

Surfers From: USD 65 50 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 50 pp / night

Puri Asu ResortHinako Islands, Nias

A classy tropical paradise, ideal for intermediate surfers looking for crowd free waves in the main surf season

Surfers From: USD 125 pp / night
Non Surfers From: USD 100 pp / night


Simeulue surf report November 2018

Simeulue surf report November 2018

by Mahi Mahi Resort...


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