Mentawai Islands Charter Boats


Aileoita Mentawai & Telo Islands

The Aileoita 1, is a modern & comfortable surf charter that can host groups of 8 to 10 surfers...

From: USD 2500 pp
Max 10 / Min 8 guests


BintangMentawai, Telo & Banyaks

The Bintang is one of the largest & longest serving charter boats in the West Sumatra region...

From: AUD 3500 pp
Max 14 / Min 10 guests


Kaimana 2Mentawai & Telo Islands

Built in 2013, The Kaimana 2 is a spacious charter boat that specialises in trips to the Mentawais & Telo Islands

From: USD 2371 2371 pp
Max 12 / Min 8 guests

Kuda Laut

Kuda LautMentawai, Telo & Banyaks

The Kuda Laut had a recent refit and is ideal for small groups looking to explore the Mentawai & Telos...

From: AUD 2899 pp
Max 8 / Min 6 guests


MelaleucaMentawai & Telo Islands

Built in 2007, The Melaleuca is a spacious charter boat that specialises in trips to the Mentawais & Telo Islands

From: USD 2150 pp
Max 12 / Min 8 guests


Moon PalikirMentawai & Telo Islands

If you're looking for that something extra from your Mentawai experience, then the MP just might be the answer...

From: USD 2677 3150 pp
Max 14 / Min 8 guests


MV AddictionMentawai & Telo Islands

The Addiction is the most luxurious surf charter in the Mentawai Islands as well as being one of the fastest...

From: USD 5250 4200 pp
Max 12 / Min 10 guests

Naga Laut

Naga LautMentawai & Telo Islands

Built in 1999, the Sea Dragon was designed exclusively for upmarket surf charters...

From: USD 2590 pp
Max 12 / Min 6 guests

Nusa Dewata

Nusa DewataMentawai & Telo Islands

The Nusa Dewata is all about scoring uncrowded surf where the larger charters simply can't compete...

From: USD 2686 pp
Max 6 / Min 4 guests

Santa Lusia

Santa LusiaMentawai & Telo Islands

Santa Lusia is a popular Mentawai surf charter ideal for budget conscious groups of up to 10 guests

From: USD 2000 pp
Max 10 / Min 7 guests