Surf Report South Sumatra, June 2018



Surf Report South Sumatra, June 2018

By Krui Surf Camp

krui surf map

Surf Report: June

Weather: The beginning of June, as usual has provided plenty of clear sunny days and it is becoming a bit hazy as we move toward the dry season; still some rain in the afternoons. Light winds, offshore in the morning with a couple of days blowing onshore in the afternoons. In general the weather in June has followed the pattern of hot, dry, and hazy with a few afternoon showers. A couple days of unseasonal west wind late in the month were accompanied by a huge rainstorm which caused the road at mandiri to flood and traffic was backed up for a few days.

: Consistent medium size swell hitting all the Krui breaks with some good south-southwest swell turning on the town left and right. The Peak was consistently 3-6 foot with lots of barrels. And always the odd set livening things up. Early June had a few days of bigger waves for all the local breaks. Overall June had consistent medium size waves with a few larger “one day miracles.”

days: Light offshore winds everyday in the morning. Only a few days of light onshore winds in the afternoon. Mostly offshore from morning til night in the Krui basin.

sessions: The best sessions were at K-Left and The Peak with just a few people out. The Keyhole had a few nice days with just a couple of takers. The Right has turned on for quite a few days and the sand bank in the beach has had some SICK sand dredgers. Leftovers had several days of intense overhead drainers. 

: With the peak season upon us it has been a bit busier at the town waves but still lots of waves for everyone. 

The Peak

the peak

right hander

up close

krui surf
June pumped

solid surf
Some solid ones came through during June

town right
Its not the longest of waves, but definitely a lot of fun. The Peak, June 2018.

the right
Plenty of fun ones in June

krui surfing
The left

fun surf

big day
A local kiddy having a dig!

wave 1
Shot 1 / 6

wave 2
Shot 2 / 6

wave 3
Shot 3 / 6

wave 4
Shot 4 / 6

wave 5
Shot 5 / 6

wave 6
Shot 6 / 6 - June 2018

After thoughts: 
June was another superb month in what has been a great season so far. As a whole, crowds remain manageable and the weather has been great. July has started very well with the mid month forecast set to produce one of the biggest swells in recent years (see map below). 


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surf camp krui
Krui Surf Camp, located in front of The Peak and is 5 mins from 6 other waves.

surf report

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