South Sumatra, Surf Report August 2018



South Sumatra, Surf Report August 2018

By Krui Surf Camp

krui surf map

Surf Report: August 2018

Weather: August was a scorcher early on, lots of hot, dry and clear sunny days. As usual a bit hazy as we move into the full blown dry season; just one good rain in the afternoon in the first week of August then days of light winds, a cool offshore from the mountains early in the morning and moving to the south as it heats up. Some light rain late in the month.

Swell: Early August had a lot of consistent medium and large swell hitting all the krui breaks with some good south-southwest swell pushing into Krui Left and Krui Right. The Peak was consistently 4-6 foot with lots of barrels. And always the odd set livening things up. Several days of bigger waves turned on all the Krui Breaks, Krui Left was epic for several days with some longer wave periods and more power. There have been decent waves all the way through August with a few 1-2 lulls. Overall has had consistent medium size waves with lots of larger 4-6 foot waves in town.

Offshore days: Southeast trade winds blowing daily. Light offshore winds in the krui basin.

Best sessions: The best sessions were at Krui Left and right both pumping, and the Peak providing a lot of action with just a few people out. Leftovers was great for weeks at a time but a bit congested on a few days. The Krui Keyhole had a few nice days with just a couple of takers. Krui Right has been firing for quite a few days with some nice overhead racetracks, and the sandbank in the main beach has had some SICK sand dredgers. Slingshots had several days of intense overhead drainers. Some really sick barrels and perfect lines. Krui Left and Right have had several days of great medium size waves; lots of open faces, racetrack reelers and lots of barrels to enjoy..

Crowd: With the peak season upon us it has been a bit busier at the town waves but still lots of waves for everyone. Overall August was great for the Krui area, lots of waves and mellow crowds.

August photos below:

krui surf camp
August saw plenty of waves like this

surf sumatra
Tree house views of the surf. August 2018

left overs krui
"Leftovers" was busier than usual during parts of August, but thats not surprising considering how good its been!

August 2018
August 2018

Krui Surf
The Left

south sumatra surf


Beach break
A smoking right goes unridden somewhere in Lampung, August 2018

surfing sumatra
There were plenty of days like this, just a short stroll from Krui Surf Camp

After thoughts: August, much like the previous 4 months, produced some memorable surf. In between some solid days, were plenty of rippable fun sessions. Crowds increased a little on certain days, but still manageable. Not too many really small days although they were spent at one of the beach breaks. September continues to produce quality surf during this incredible season to date (see map below). Check back soon for our next update!


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surf camp krui
Krui Surf Camp, located in front of The Peak and is 5 mins from 6 other waves.

surf report

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