Krui surf report, South Sumatra



Krui surf report, South Sumatra

By Krui Surf Camp

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Surf Report: October 2018

Weather: After the excitement of the main season October brings more mellow waves and very few people. 

Swell: Lots of small to medium swell and no crowds. Both Krui Left and Right had some nice rippable lines.

Offshore days: The winds in the krui basin blew off shore, all day, every day. Typical days have sea haze early then clearing up to hot and sunny weather mid day, clouds usually build in the mountains to the northeast in the late afternoon, with some light rain before dark.

Best sessions: Some really nice waves at the keyhole/kruibowl as well. The peak as usual was providing lots of barrels and a few days were pretty heavy. Leftovers had many days of fast heavy racetracks with only a couple takers.

Crowd: As things calmed down after the main season there were never any crowds, lots of waves for everyone. Overall, October was a nice end of season. Good weather, good waves, and few people.

October photos below:

krui surf

surf krui

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surf krui

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the peak krui


After thoughts:
The main surf season is coming to an end but that doesnt mean there hasnt been some great waves on offer during October. Sure, its been smaller. But it's still been super fun. And with far less tourists around, no ones been complaining thats for sure. The forecast still continues to look promising for November (forecast map below). Check back again soon!

surf forecast

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Krui Surf Camp, located in front of The Peak and is 5 mins from 6 other waves.

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