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Mandiri Beach, Krui, Southern Sumatra

South Sumatra

March 2018
Mandiri March 2018

March: 1-7 

Weather: Mostly clear skies with light variable winds. Occasional thunder storm. One brief period of moderate afternoon rain.

Swell: Small mid period swell. Mostly around the 2ft mark with occasional 3ft sets still fun on the beach break. Surfing on the beach everyday. 

Winds: Every day glassy mornings. Light south east winds through start of the week easing for clean sunset conditions. Light north west trades throughout the tail end of the week again easing for mostly clean sunset conditions. 

Sessions: Surfing only at Mandiri Beach for the whole week due to small conditions. Head high at the best, but still with plenty of fun waves to be had.

Crowd: Maximum 15-20 people. Early mornings and sunsets guests are mostly surfing alone.

mandiriMarch has produced some fun waves right out the front of Mandiri Break Surf Camp 

March 8-14 

Weather: The first part of the week produced plenty of clear skies. The last 2-3 days saw a period of consistent rain.

Swell: Following a similar trend as the previous week. Mostly small mid period waves in the 1-3ft region with 2 flat days.

Winds: Very calm start to the week with glassy morning and evening sessions. Variable winds later in the week due to rain storms. Only one day with a strong NW trade again dying for the evening surf. 

Sessions:  Sunday saw a pulse in the incoming ssw groundswell providing all time conditions straight out front with well over head barrels in the 4-6ft range. Mostly surfing beach break. 2 mornings were on the point at Ujung Bocur. 

Crowd: Similar crowds as the previous week. Maximum 15-20 people on the beach and point. The guests scoring practically empty waves early morning and evening on the beach 


March 15-21

Weather: Clear calm weather conditions prevail through out the week after heavy rain at the tail end of the previous week.

: A medium sized pulse greeted the shores for the start of the week, gradually decreasing in size through the week. 

: Calm winds all week with light sea breezes during the hotter hours dying by mid afternoon.

Sessions: Monday morning provided beautiful conditions with over head sets on the beach and fun peeling waves on the point. The following days giving similar conditions although fading gradually to a flat spell through the rest of the week. 

Crowds: Minimal crowds all week plenty of waves for everyone to get their fill. 
sunny surf

March 22-31:

Weather: Mixed sun and rain showers.

: A slow start to the week giving way to the anticipated cyclone swell sending 5-6ft waves from a rare SE direction. Continual swell through the rest week due to cyclone swinging from SE to straight W direction giving plenty of opportunity to score waves in all areas. 

Wind: More calm wind conditions with the NW trade showing on a few occasions making for clean off shores with plenty of swell on some right handers in the region. 

Crowds: Early mornings have been empty on the rights up the coast with guest scoring pumping waves with no one out. Influx of people showing to the NW offshore wind spots later in the day. 

Mandiri beach March 2018

head dip
There's been plenty of days like this

surfing sumatra

After thoughts: A pretty decent start to the season. Plenty of perfect days thrown into the mix. Of course a few blustery days and a couple of flat days but overall pretty stoked. The forecast looks promising (see below). 

Indian Ocean

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