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krui surf map

Surf Report: July

Weather: The weather has been hot and sunny with some sea haze but lots of perfectly clear days.  

: Late July is known for big surf, and this year was no exception with two giant back to back swells in the third and fourth weeks. The swells were larger and more powerful than any swells in the past 20 years and maxed out almost all the breaks along the coast.  The left and right in town were still surfable but in the large to extra large category, with waves from 6 to 8 feet meaning 10 to 15 foot faces. Krui left became a man eating slab and the right-hander was also pretty intense. Krui beach break was also pumping with 4 to 6 foot peaks grinding across the sand bars. 

 days: The winds in the krui basin blew off shore all day every day

 sessions: As usual during huge swells The Peak inverted from a right to a left, and became a huge frothing double-lipped mutant. A few bodyboarders tried to surf it during the peak of the swell, but were flogged and then flayed for their efforts. "Leftovers" was also too intense for most people. As things calmed down in between swells, all of the waves cleaned up and provided some of the best surf of the season. Overall it was a truly memorable midseason spectacle.

: There was some crowding at the peak of the swells because of surfers coming up from the other camps in the south, but the size and intensity of the surf kept the crowds reasonable.

July photos below:

Krui south sumatra
The Peak has seen some epic days in July

krui surf
Krui town waves, July 2018

Krui Left
The left was super rippable in between the peak of the 2 big swells

surf sumatra
The left

Leftovers getting wide

The A-frame

Krui right
Krui right

A body boarders heaven 

After thoughts: July was relentless in terms of surf. Some of the biggest swells in recent years. In between the bigger days saw numerous incredible days. So far August has kept this cycle going with more forecasted (see map below). 

surf forecast

For those interested in surfing The Peak, Leftovers and Krui left & right in South Sumatra - check out Krui Surf Camp that has direct access to these waves.

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surf camp krui
Krui Surf Camp, located in front of The Peak and is 5 mins from 6 other waves.

surf report

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