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Telos, West Sumatra

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Surf Report: May 2018

Weather: Clear skies, light variable winds with a few afternoon showers

Swell: Excellent conditions week to week. Not too many small days but then we've been surfing the beach break when its been small although only a handful of days under shoulder high. Mainly around head high & even up to double overhead on the peak of each swell. 

Waves: 2 to 6 ft and period between 12 to 17 sec.

Winds: Mostly light winds. Some westerly winds for the rights, some east winds for the lefts.

Best sessions: All the waves have had their days including Bagas, Rahasia, Pasti, Tantan, Tanggu and Tantras.

Crowd: Zero as always.

telo surf
May has lit up some of the rights. 

Uncrowded line-ups

Plenty of right handers in May

guests surfing alone
The guests have been enjoying the rights in May


The lefts have also been delivering the goods too

One of the areas secrets spots (Rahasia) turning on in May

surf telos

May also produced a number of epic days out the front at Pasti.
left hander
A little head dip from Surfing Village owner Paulo.

After thoughts: The Telos saw a number of swells throughout May. Crowds again have been non existent. The forecast is for plenty of medium sized waves for the next 10-14 days (see forecast model below):
telo surf forecast

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telos surf
May 2018. That was the 5th season straight, that the Melbourne fellas decided to take a break at SV.

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