Telo Islands, Surf Report, April 2018



Telo Islands, Surf Report, April 2018

Telo Islands, West Sumatra

telo surfing village map

Surf Report: September 2018

Weather: Varied weather, with sunny, overcast and some rainy days thrown into the mix. Not many storms but the odd squall. 

Swell: The relentless cycle of the Indian ocean swell train has eased back, and so we saw mainly medium and small pulses for much of the month.

Waves: Head high most the time with bigger days at bagas, the regions swell magnet that is rarely less than head high all season.

Winds: Variable winds.

Best sessions: Bagas still delivering overhead surfing with some consistency. Also some head high waves at some of the other secret spots the guests surfed.

Crowd: Even less crowds than usual which is hard to believe. But this is because the camp was not full for part of September!

Photos from September (below):

surf telos
September was more like April this year in terms of swell size, but there were still head high and really fun conditions almost every day

surf telo islands
Secret spot (left) and Pasti (right)

telo surf
Bagas was the go to for much of September as it was always the biggest spot - and as always very uncrowded

surfing telo islands
September 2018

telo sumatra
Bagas (left) and Pasti (right) September 2018

After thoughts: September saw a dip in swell size but non the less delivered plenty of really fun waves for the whole month. Crowds were non existent. Guests were super stoked. We had a half full camp for part of the month so the guests we had really scored it to themselves. It starts to feel like the season is winding down. Check back soon for the final report!


If you'd like to know more about the waves in the Telo islands and you're interested in surfing some of Indonesias least crowded waves
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