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Telo Islands

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Surf Report: 2nd Trip, mid April 2018

Weather: Clear skies, light variable winds.

Swell: Second group of the year (only 3 lucky surfers) been surfing every day all day long.

Waves: 2 to 6 ft and period between 12 to 17 sec.

Winds: Mostly light westerly winds providing great conditions, especially for the rights of Tantan, Tanggu and Tantras.

Best sessions: Tantan, Tanggu and Tantras.

Crowd: Zero.

tantanThe 2nd trip of the year has started with a bang, especially with the rights lighting up.


It wasnt just about the rights for the 2nd group of the year. 

One of the many great things about this region is the variation of the waves. Here is Tantan, offering some serious juice for those willing to dare, April 2018.

tantras surfing
This is Tantras, one of the funnest waves in the region. It definitely didn't disappoint the guests.

Surf Report
: 1st trip, early April 2018

Weather: Clear skies most of the day with some night showers.

Swell: The start of the month brought small conditions but the first group of the year have been surfing all day, every day.

Waves: Around chest high to overhead and a half and period between 12 to 15 sec.

Winds: Mostly easterly winds providing glassy conditions for the Lefts. Very light winds by the afternoon making both rights and lefts working perfectly.

Best sessions: Bagas (left hander) with eventualy bigger sets in the over head and a half range.

Crowd: Every single day with less than 10 people max and many sessions with only few in the water.

April 2018. Bagas (above) is the swell magnet of the region and during the early part of April was the most consistent wave for the guests.

Just around the corner from Bagas is Tanguu. Although a little smaller guests have had this to themselves in the early part of April.

Bagas is more than just a long whackable wall. The Surfing Village guests making the most of the empty waves, April 2018. 

surfing village report
Tanggu produced the best rights during the early part of the season. 

After thoughts: The Telo Islands saw some small but clean and surfable conditions for the first 4-5 days of the month before seeing the more exposed spots producing some perfect, over head waves. Crowds have been non existent. The forecast is for continually improving conditions for the next 10 days with the first large swell forecasted to reach the shores during the week. The long term forecast is for more of the same (see the swell model below). 

wave model

If you'd like to know more about the waves in the Telo islands and you're interested in surfing some of Indonesias least crowded waves
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The first guests of the 2018 surf season

surf report mentawai

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