Lances Left & HT's Surf Report September 2018



Lances Left & HT's Surf Report September 2018

by Kingfisher Resort

September 2018

Weather: Still some mixed weather but typically sunny and overcast with periodic showers. The occasional storm came through towards the end of the month.

Swell: Still some consistent swell throughout the month with a few smaller days from time to time. 

Off shore days: North or south wind patterns normally start during this time. This year we had some strong southerlies. There are still some spots that work good if it does not get too strong, but we had a couple of days that was blown out due to the winds. Second half of September the storm activity started to increase, more rain, but also less wind and glassier conditions. Late September the wind patterns start to decrease as we move into the wet season with variable winds and glassy conditions.

Best sessions: Lances left and right, Bintangs and a couple of our secret spots.

Crowd: The resort never had more than 10 surfers through September but as usual charter boats came and went. September is still a popular time but line-ups remain totaly manageable and everyone got their waves. Our guests tend to surf early in the morning and surf alone for the first hour before others start to slowly paddle out. Then after grabbing an early lunch, our guests often surfed early afternoon while visiting guests were having lunch. Seemed to work out pretty well for everyone.

How good does this look? Bintangs delivering in September

surfing mentawai
Secret spot

surf report
September Sessions

sunset surf
Out the front looking pretty dreamy


Hollow Trees
Lances right looking as good as it get in September

Sipora surf
Inside nugget

After thoughts: 
September saw a slight shift in weather and a slight decrease in swell consistency. That said, there were plenty of memorable sessions for all the guests and truly everyone scored great waves. The wet season is now approaching and that means a little more rain and more glassy conditions! Looking into the next month, Ocotber has been producing some great surf and the swell train continues to deliver. Check back next time!


If you're 
interested in surfing the waves of Lances Left, Lances right (HT's), Bintang’s and some of the local secret spots – check out Kingfisher Resort for further details.

lances leftKingfisher Resort with Lances Left in the distance

surf report mentawai

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