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Surf Report: 23 May - 02 June

Weather: We were treated with beautiful picture perfect mentawai dry season weather for the majority of the trip and 2 days of rain which consisted of cloudy days with intermittent showers.

Swell: As the Kuda Laut heads from Padang port to the Mentawais so a medium size swell also builds out of the SSW for the beginning days of the trip.The surf guide makes the call to head to lances left which is perfect & in the 4ft range with bigger sets. Swell sticks around for a few more days and the boys head further south escaping the crowds and taking advantage of optimum swell conditions.

The swell kept building into the mid part of the trip into solid 8ft days at most of the main breaks. For the building swell the Kuda Laut makes her way to the Playgrounds area. Rifles, Bankvaults, Hideaways and most of the heavier spots are breaking 8ft plus the whole play grounds area is on. Preference was to surf the more manageable spots so good sessions were enjoyed Pitstops, E-bay, 4bobs and A-frames which were breaking in the 4ft plus range. The end part of the trip is greeted with smaller glassy conditions and the boat spends the remaining days in central mentawai surfing Icelands & Telescopes in the 2-4ft range

WindsWinds were predominately SE/S for the 10 day period, however a few days where the wind would just be light and swing constantly throughout the day meaning you could get some spots with no one out.

SessionsA few really good sessions at Lances left, with glassy 4-6ft days on offer. Further south really rippable skate park like waves at Roxies and some more powerful days at thunders, also a few solo sessions at a secret spot our guide enjoys going to.
As the boat head to Playgrounds great sessions were had as the swell lit up the mentawais everywhere was working and all waves for all levels of experience. Great sessions were had at A-frames, 4bobs, pitstops and E-bay. As the swell dropped the remainder of the trip was spent surfing glassy conditions at icelands and telescopes.

Crowds: The mentawais is loved by many for a good reason, so crowds are always a factor. However if you willing to sacrifice the big name spots, there are solo sessions waiting for you. This trip offered exactly that & with a small group wave choice was focused mostly on avoiding crowded line ups. Solo sessions were had and when there were a few boats at a line up general respect and etiquette was obeyed and everyone got to share great waves.

kuda laut
Kuda Laut

May 2018

A frames
A frames, Playgrounds



surfing mentawai
No takers!

Empty line-up May

A light onshore, but zero crowds

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Southern Mentawais

surf trip

After thoughts: The Indian Ocean certainly produced some incredible waves during the trip. So far this season April & May have offered some consistent swells & June is set to deliver more of the same. Check back soon for our next report. 

Indian Ocean

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