The Cobra

 surf break Sumatra

Wave Quality: Very Good
Wave Direction: Left
Also Known As: The Cobra
Experience: Advanced
Consistency: Average
Wave Type: reef
Crowd: 0-10 surfers
Season: April until October

Just 50-100 meters from Lances left, The Cobra rears up from deep water to produce a tube from start to finish. Many waves shut down after 50-100m  but some will go much further. Its a matter of spending time in the water there & then picking the right one. Most surfers will head for Kingfisher Bay's main wave, but don't under estimate how good The Cobra can be. Those willing to surf this spot will not only share with far less surfers but they will also give themselves the chance of occasionally linking up with Lances left for one of the longest lefts in the whole of the Mentawai Islands.