surf break Sumatra

Wave Quality: World Class
Wave Direction: Right
Also Known As: Lances Right
Experience: Advanced
Consistency: Average
Wave Type: reef
Crowd: 10-35 surfers
Season: April until October

Located in a palm fringed cove, the waves of Lances Right is one of the main reasons surfers make the long trip to the Mentawai Islands. More commonly referred to as "HT's" - this world class right hander is considered one of the top ten waves in the world. The wave wraps 180 degrees and actually breaks almost due south after bending and amplifying around the Southern tip of Sipora. Wide sets are softer but everything else is fast, hollow and picture perfect. Depending on swell direction and size, there are a couple of different take off zones where you can take off quite easily. And like many of the world's most alluring reef breaks, high tide is a safer option and the lower tide for the more advanced surfers. Failure to exit the inside bowl will often result in a horror experience amongst the reef pinnacles guarded by the aptly named surgeons table.