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Surf Report: May 14th - 25th 2018

Weather: Just awesome, a bit of rain during the night and sunny during the day. 

Swell: Beginning of the trip saw a 6 feet swell with a 15 second wave period that gradually decreased through the trip.

Winds: Variable light winds - pretty good for all the breaks.

Sessions: An amazing trip with medium swell from beginning to the end as well as some good fishing! First five days were spent at the Bay of Plenty and Treasure Island with some great waves; clean and glassy as usual. The captain then moved to Babi island to catch a secret right hander. The guests certainly scored what they were looking for, surfing with friends alone, with overhead sets and consistent conditions. As the swell dropped, the guests surfed at Turtles, where the guests surfed with another surf charter. 

Crowd: 3 other charter boats were around. But generally the guests surfed alone for most of the trip.

Photos below of the trip

banyak surf 1
Bay of Plenty

May 2018


from above
The Banyaks in all its glory

banyak surf

Parked up


charter boat
The guests surfed here alone during the trip

surfing sumatra


stoked guests

surfing north sumatra

surf report
This trip produced some solid but super fun sessions

surfing sumatra

Surf Report: April 30th - May 11th 2018

: Beautiful weather, sunny every day. 
Swell: Pretty mellow swell during the whole trip and was from the South which generally doesnt light up many parts of the Banyak Islands. This is the whole reason why not to stay at either of the surf camps in the Bay of Plenty - as this can happen. That said, with an experienced captain - you can still find excellent waves, and this trip was no different.

: Variable winds but predominantly from the west.

Sessions: First three days were spent at the Bay of Plenty with head high waves - clean and glassy. It was perfect for this group of intermediate surfers. Then we jumped over to Treasure Island for a nice day pumping 4 feet waves, more hollow than previous days. Day five moving to Turtles consistent 5 feet waves. Then the captain took the decision to head to Babi Island for the end of the trip. Customers always love this wave. Everybody had the chance to catch some good rights and lefts. Super clean conditions.

: Zero crowds, and although the South swell wasnt ideal for this trip, everyone scored some really good waves and the guests were super stoked.

Photos below of the trip

surfing banyak islands

surf indo

onshore surf
Looking inviting

left hander
May 2018

Sumatran Sunset

fun surf
Zero crowds

right hander

up above


surf babi island

After thoughts: May produced some super fun waves. Not the biggest surf so far this season - but still very fun for the guests and largely very uncrowded waves - exactly what each group was looking for. June is shaping up for more of the same with a series of storms brewing in the southern Indian ocean. Check back soon for our next report. 

surfing forecast

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The dream charterThe Dream surf charter boat in all its glory

surf report

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