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Telo Islands, West Sumatra

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Surf Report: July 2018

Weather: Largely calm weather with the occasional storm passing through. We saw mainly clear skies & light winds with some showers from time to time.

Swell: What a season! Since April each month has got bigger and more consistent. July was the biggest yet and even delivered a couple of very big swells. Guests have been enjoying solid waves but of course when it gets really big we've been able to surf some of the regions lesser known secret spots :-)

Waves: 4 to 10 feet and period between 13 to 18 sec.

Winds: Light and variable winds! 

Best sessions: With amazing swell and light winds, all the spots have had their days. "Pasti" (the right hander out the front of SV) has been really firing and blowing our guests minds with many days offering 3 tube sections per wave. We've also had some amazing days at a few spots we dont surf too often like Buaia (left). Every day somewhere has been really good!

Crowd: No crowds. 

Photos from July (below):

surf telos
This is Pasti, out the front of Surfing Village. When the swell gets really big, the wave tends to get wider rather than taller! 

Pasti (left pic) and Simata (right pic), July 2018

When things got bigger, we had some great sessions at this rarely surfed beauty we call Buaia

telos SV
The view from the camp & way above the camp! 

telos surfing village
July pumped

surf sumatra
A big drop on one of the big days. Slaying the Pasti beast

After thoughts: July simply just pumped. Swell after swell pounded the shores of Sumatra. August has continued in the same form so far, with plenty more to come. Just check the forecast below:

surf forecast

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