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Telo Islands, West Sumatra

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Surf Report: June 2018

Weather: Pretty much the same as May, we had clear skies, light winds with the occasional shower thrown into the mix.

Swell: Perfect conditions once again throughout the month. The small days have been few and far between, always head high waves at least but generally head high to over head and a half most the time. A number of really solid days too!

Waves: 3 to 6 feet and period between 12 to 17 sec.

Winds: Mostly light & variable winds which have lit up all the waves throughout the month. 

Best sessions: All the waves have had their days but we have had more consistency out the front at Pasti. More so than May. 

Crowd: With so much swell, not even the camps from the north have visited our area (they come when its small "sometimes"!). 

Pictures from June below:

telo surfing
Bagas might not be the scariest of waves, but its super fun, very long and breaks nearly every day of the season! 

telos surfing village juneDefinitely some tubes in the region though. June 2018

There's been some great waves during June. The local secret spots have been lighting up!

telo islands
Out the front was pumping in June!

surfing village
Zero crowds

surf sumatra
Who said the Telos was soft!? We think not!

After thoughts: The Telos surf season continues to deliver. June has been a standout month. Zero crowds again. July has been pumping and is about to produce the biggest swell of the season in the coming days, see forecast model below):

July forecast

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