by Kingfisher Resort
South Sipora, Mentawai Islands

Surf Report: March 9-18

Weather: With the change of the seasons March can often deliver a mixed bag, but so far so good. The weather in general has been calm and sunny with a few showers thrown into the mix. A couple of storms have passed by but only at night.

Swell: Like much of Sumatra, the Mentawai Islands have been pretty small. There was a bump in swell size on 12th and 13th as well as the 17th and 18th with some reasonably sized sets rolling through.

Off shore days: During the 9 days, the guests surfed off shore waves for 8 days. Only 1 day of non-stop southerly winds did they fail to find clean surf!

Best sessions: Even though the swell wasn’t delivering to its fullest potential – the waves on offer were nearly always glassy. Highlights included a session at a local secret spot with no one around. Everyone was stoked for days. There’s also been a couple of really good days at Lances left which goes to show just how consistent this wave really is. Certainly 3-4 very good days of surfing went down.

Crowd: The occasional charter showed up, but this area has been largely very uncrowded. The guests certainly had their fair share of empty line-ups!

It wasnt always that big, but the guests weren't too fussed

surf guide
Resort owner and resident surf guide "Jaco" showing the skills required to impress the boys


This secret spot turned on for the lucky few staying at Kingfisher Resort

Plenty of empty line-ups between 9-18 March 2018

Surf Report: March 19-26

Weather: The suns been shining and apart from the occasional evening thunderstorm, its been clear skies all the way. 

Swell: A small long period swell from the SW hit the shores of Kingfisher Bay in the earlier part of the week delivering some fun waves at a number of spots. Towards the end of the week, the guests were blessed with a larger (short period) south swell that was generated from a cyclone off the coast of Western Australia.

Off shore days: Pretty much all day every day.

Best sessions: Lances left & Lances right were the goods in the earlier part of the week. Bintangs really lit up over the last weekend thanks to the cyclone swell.

Crowd: The guests visiting the area (via charter boat particularly) focused their attentions on Lances Right (HT's) culminating in a busy line-up when ever it was good. All the other spots the kingfisher guests surfed were empty.

charter boatsLances Left produced a number of fun days for the guests


Thanks to the Cyclone swell, the guests enjoyed some memorable waves at Bintangs


Although a little busy, HT's definitely delivered on a number of days


The guests enjoyed some fun sessions out the front at Lances Left


The view from above

After thoughts:  The 2nd week of the season has produced yet more super fun waves and it looks like more of the same for the week to follow (see the swell model below). 

surf forecast

Anyone interested in surfing the waves of Lances Left, Lances right, Bintang’s and some of the local secret spots – check out Kingfisher Resort for further details.

lances leftKingfisher Resort with Lances Left in the distance

surf report mentawai

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