by Kingfisher Resort
South Sipora, Mentawai Islands

April 15 – 29

Weather: Mixed bag of weather for the latter part of April. Guests have experienced everything from beautifully calm and sunny days to thunderous and unrelenting thunderstorms.

Swell: April certainly delivered. We were blessed with a new swell every 3-4 days with one of the biggest swells in years on the 23rd and 24th where huge waves unloaded onto the local reefs.

Off shore days: Perfect offshore winds every single day.

Best sessions: All the spots have been lighting up including out the front at Lances Left, Bintangs, Lances Right and a little semi secret beach break.

Crowd: Crowds are drawing in with the main charter boat season in full swing. However with such consistency in conditions, there has been plenty of waves for everyone and guests have been super stoked.

HT's delivered in April

lances left
Lances left on the big day

hollow trees
HT's firing

lances from a distance
A different angle of lances left

surf mentawai
Its not been all tubes in April

surfing ments
April has pumped

surfing sipora

Hollow Trees

Out the front of the resort hasnt been too bad in April

Surf Report
: March 27 - April 8

Weather: Plenty of sunny days on hand during the last 2 weeks with light and variable winds.

Swell: The best ground swell of the season with a long period pulse reaching the shores over last weekend culminating in 3 perfect days of surf.

Off shore days: Light offshore winds everyday.

Best sessions: The best sessions were at both Lances Left and HT's during the main swell that hit during the weekend. Bintangs has also been pumping too.

Crowd: April brings the start of the "proper" main season with crowds slowly starting to increase in the region. However the vibe in the line-up has been super friendly and everyone has been getting their fair share of waves.

Lances right
The weekend produced some of the best waves of the season so far - HT's

Kingfisher owner & surf guide "Jaco" yet again demonstrating how its done. HT's

Lances left
Lances Left

Lances left
Lances Left also produced some of the best waves seen so far this season.

Lances right
There was plenty of this over the w/e.

Bintangs has also been firing over the last few weeks.

Bintangs, early April 2018

surfing mentawai

After thoughts: The start of the main season has delivered better conditons week by week. The forecast for the coming 7 days are very promising with perfect surf forecasted for the week. The following weekend (21st-22nd April) will without doubt produce the biggest surf of the season by far with a large groundswell bound for Sumatra (see the swell model below). 

wave model

If you're 
interested in surfing the waves of Lances Left, Lances right (HT's), Bintang’s and some of the local secret spots – check out Kingfisher Resort for further details.

lances leftKingfisher Resort with Lances Left in the distance

surf report mentawai

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