Simeulue surf report November 2018



Simeulue surf report November 2018

by Mahi Mahi Resort

simeulue surf

November 2018

Weather: Mixed weather with some storms passing through, especially during early November. 

Swell: Quite windy during the early part of November but otherwise light and variable winds. Nothing too big just a few small interval swells with numbers ranging from 8-12 swell period. The end of November saw a nice little bump, again nothing huge but enough to keep us surfing everyday!

Off shore days: A lot of morning glass followed by southerly winds or northerly cross winds. The northerly winds we have options for surf but southerly it mostly blows the whole island out although if there is a medium size swell running then you can find shelter and some clean surf.

Best sessions: We had a solid day out at Thailands towards late November. It was a nice SSW swell combo with North West winds. Lots of fun drops followed up by long clean walls to get to work on. Plenty of fun sessions out the front at The Peak.

Crowd: The Peak draws a bit of a crowd when there is a sniff of clean head high conditions. Numbers range from 2-15 people depending on the time of day. The wave breaks on all tides and breaks left and right so it can handle 10+ quite easily. But for sure, its all about timing. Sometimes there are just a few guys out too. That's the perk of being here sitting in front of the peak all day. The rest of the waves on the island are typically very uncrowded in November.

All photos from November 2018

simeulue surf wave
November 2018

out the front
The Peak had plenty of small but fun days like this

the peak simeulue
Nothing huge but certainly fun

Thailands had some super fun waves too

Thailands needs a south swell and north winds but when the stars align its a very fun wave

surf thailands

november simeulue
November saw plenty of waves around this size

When the surf goes a little small, its not such a bad place to kill some time and rest up

wake boarding
Flat day fun

november simeulue surf
November 2018

surfing simeulue
It didnt pump every day but when the swell pulsed there were some super fun conditions

surfing the peak simeulue
The Peak

surfing mahi mahi

surf the peak simeulue

After thoughts: November saw a bit of a mix of everything. Some bad weather at the start of the month, some annoying southerly winds and occasionally some crowds (by Simeulue standards!). But it also saw plenty of memorable days too, with the sun shining and the surf pumping. The Peak produced chest to head high waves with some regularity. The crowd remained totally manageable when it was working. Thailands also lit up on a number of days with very few surfers around. Those willing to put time on the road also scored uncrowded sessions at some of the other waves too including One Thongs, Alus Alus and Monkey Trees. The forecast for early December looks like a nice pulse heading Simeulue's way too. Check back next time!

december forecast

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