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Shadow Mentawai

April 2018

Weather: The weather has been so hot during April. Not much rain at night. Some showers after the tide changes in the morning and midday. Calm winds almost everyday, last week of April saw a little bit more wind but not too much.

Swell: The first week of April we didn’t have guests so we surfed our local breaks, was fun and we were absolutely alone. Wasn’t too big, but enough to surf all on our own and all week long.

The second week of April the swell dropped but by the third week it was getting bigger day by day, the 17th was fun, we surfed almost all the main waves during that big pulse; beng2, pitstops, e-bay, hideaways, 4 Bobs, aframes, kandui, rifles. Was so fun, until the weekend of 21/22 when a mega swell came and was too big for our guests - although everyone enjoyed watching the show. After that, the swell came down and we surf nipussi, bangvaults, eret, goodtimes etc. During the last weekend of April the swell dropped again but we surfed great burgerworld, surfing also McDonald. Was fun!! April was really good! May looks amazing!!

Off shore days: As I always say, in Mentawai you will always find off shore wind in some waves as there are many options.

I would say the worst day was on the last 3 days of the month when the winds were bad.

Best sessions: 21-22-23. Secret spot. Eret. Aframes. Bangvaults.

Crowd: Wasn’t that crowded actually.

We don’t feel that its been too crowded, we surfed on our own almost everyday except when we surfed nipussi or burgerworld. Or in the playground area like a-frames or rifles. Even there the crowd wasnt too bad, probably 15 people in the water and that was the worst.

mega swell
Kandui on the mega swell (22nd, about 1pm)

secret spot
Secret spot (25th May)

Rifles (21st May), before the mega swell arrived


Erret (22nd May)

Pitstops (25th May)

After thoughts: April was a great month. Generally very good winds and fine weather with largely uncrowded conditions apart from the very small days. The forecast looks great for May (see below). 

may forecast

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