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Shadow Mentawai

June 2018

Weather: June was also super hot, some showers early morning to refresh the day. But in general it has been so hot and very sunny. 

Swell: We had a really nice month with plenty of swell! First week was so fun, we had 6-7ft waves and we surfed many waves by our selves. After the 2nd week, the swell dropped but still good enough to surf pitstops, beng bengs, goodtimes, eret - to name but a few. After the 20th, another swell pumped and we surfed big hideaways - and also eret (south swell again). It kept working during the last week of June. We were very thankful for that as its such a good wave and its so close to home!

Off shore days: Great winds all month until the end of the month we saw a few storms and windy days.

Best Sessions: June 18th at Eret, June 19th at Hideaways.

Crowd: As we had swell almost everyday we avoided the crowd easily - except in Hideaways. But, by the end of the month (29th/30th June) the storms began and also the wind, so the only spots that were working were Pitstops and Beng bengs and EVERYONE was there. It was too crowded but still some really good waves!

June photos below:

Hideaways 13th June 2018

Eret (aka dogs) pumping in June

Also another day at Eret. This wave is literally 5 mins from Shadow camp and is the closest camp to this wave. Its truly one of the best waves in the region!

Kandui (19th June)

After thoughts: June certainly delivered plenty of amazing waves without any crowd issues for the majority of the month. Only a few stormy days at the end of the month messed up the status quo. But even those days there were great waves, just not so many options so it was crowded during these days. Even better than April. July has started with a bang and the mid month forecast is showing the biggest swell of the season so far (see below). Check back for Julys forecast! 

July swell
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