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Playgrounds, Mentawai, West Sumatra

Shadow Mentawai

March 2018

: In general has been sunny and hot. However we got rain every night and some days it didn’t stop until 10am.

Swell: Small to medium swell most of March. It wasn’t big until last Friday 23rd March when started arriving and we could enjoy it on Saturday morning when pumped up to 6ft. The swell lasted until the morning of Monday 26t. Swell has been relatively small again since then.

Off shore days: Every day! As there are many so many choices, if some waves are on shore, we look for other waves where the wind is off shore. So everyday the guests surfed off shore waves. 

Best sessions: Saturday 24th morning without any doubt at Rifles. However, our nearest local secret spot was empty everyday and it was 3ft, we had fun sessions every evening by our selves. Burgerworld has been fun too when its been smaller with plenty of head high waves - but it was more crowded as there's been less options to surf.

Crowd: 20 people was the most crowded day at Rifles with 1 charter + 5 small speedboats. Burgerworld with 3 charter and 2 speedboats was also busy some days. In general, we surfed a lot with out any other surfers. Not too many people around during this period. 



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After thoughts: A pretty normal start to the season. Some small days, but some bigger days too. Generally good winds and fine weather. Largely uncrowded apart from the very small days. The forecast looks promising (see below). 


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Shadow Surf Camp

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