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Surf Report: 6th- 17th August 2018

Weather: Perfect weather for the whole trip. Lots of glassy days.

Swell: Not the perfect forecast for swell which saw a predominant SSW swell with a small wave period (10 to 14 seconds). 

Winds: West wind for the beginning of trip then returned to normal.

Sessions: The first four days were spent at babi island with decent surf, with the offshore west wind that kept us there for the start of the trip. After we moved to treasure island for some fun sessions where the guys scored small tubes with zero crowd. Glassy waves made the sessions even better during the trip. The final part of the trip the guests surfed the bay of plenty with good lolok left and joysticks surfing alone. Lizards left was on the menu to complete the trip. 

Crowd: Only three boats around with Pierre the captain delivering the goods with a supposedly bad forecast. The guests generally surfed alone and rarely with more than 7 guys in the line-up.

Photos below of the trip

banyak surf august 2018
August 2018

surf banyak
Not massive, but a lot of fun!

lolok point
Another day in paradise in the "many" islands

bay of plenty
Another fun session in August

surf banyak islands
The captain delivered despite the poor forecast

surfing sumatra
Happy punters

surf charter

surfing north sumatra

surf indonesiaPoor forecast?

After thoughts: The previous trip (in August) delivered a big swell but this trips forecast was looking a little disappointing for the guests. But luckily for everyone, the forecast was wrong and combined with some great work from Pierre the captain - an amazing time was had by all. The forecast for the next trip looks really good! Check back again soon.


For those interested in surfing the waves of the Banyak Islands - check out The Dream Surf Charter for further details. 

The dream charterThe Dream surf charter boat in all its glory

surf report

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