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May 2018

Weather: Generally hot and sunny with the occasional afternoon shower.

Swell: It never got quite as big as the big day in April but May had some good consistent conditions with lots of medium sized pulses.

Off shore days: Mainly light and variable winds through May with plenty of glassy mornings & again in the evenings.  

Best sessions: Scarecrows saw some really nice medium sized south-south west swells during the last few weeks of May, showcasing some real West Sumatran perfection. Some of the right handers have also been lighting up with ultra glassy conditions including Ombak Tidur and Suicides (aka back yards) with lots of perfect barrels and clean faces for high performance surfing. Iceland has had waves every day. Its also been pretty big on a number of occasions where it reached double even triple over head. Seven Palms also produced some fun surfs on the smaller days. Telescopes has not yet fully ingnited its full power in May but it has produced plenty of small and medium size sessions. Tikus the fun lightweight lefthander close to Aloita has had its share of beautiful mellow surf sessions for the more relaxed surfers. 

Crowd: Without any really big swells rolling in (which is when Telescopes fully turns on), there really hasnt been any charter boats in the area. This has meant that crowds have been very manageable with plenty of empty line-ups for the guests.

All photos Javier Castro D

Inside bowl at Scarecrows

One of the bigger days lighting up in May

Tail drifting


surfing mentawais
Ombak Tidur

Telescopes on a smaller day


surf sumatra

mentawai surf
Empty line-up

tubes mentawai
Inside Scarecrows

surfing scarecrows

surf sessions
Telescopes on a small but fun day


After thoughts: May produced waves with some nice consistency with very few crowds thanks to the combination of steady swell, good weather and light variable winds that meant many of the spots were breaking. Although the region has many more lefts, still there were some great days at the right handers too. With plenty of activity in the Indian Ocean (see the swell model below) the forecast for June is excellent.

Indian ocean

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