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June 2018

Weather: North Sipora has seen largely clear skies for the whole month with some occasional showers.

Swell: June produced consistent south south swest and south west swells, delivering plenty of juice throughout the month

Off shore days: Much like May, we saw mainly light and variable winds. Mornings and evenings were often glassy with an increase in wind during the main part of the day. Winds remained favourable at most of the surf breaks.

Best sessions: Although the region is home to predominantly left handers - the rights of Ombak Tidur and Back Yards certainly had a number of excellent days with over head and perfect surf.  Most of the lefts have tunred on throughout the month with Scarecrows & Icelands being the most consistent breaks with plenty of solid sessions mixed with several days of smaller surf for the less experienced surfers.  Telescopes tried to ignite on a few occasions but never quite got there although some really fun sessions have been enjoyed at the crown jewel of the region. Closer to home, Tikus has also had its days where even the more advanced surfers have had a ball. And with numerous smaller days (at Tikus), Aloitas beginners have had plenty of waves to groom their skills on too.

Crowd: Crowds remain very manageable in this part of the region. Telescopes still hasnt really come alive in June so many charter boats have come and gone quite quickly too.

All photos Javier Castro D

Inside bowl at Scarecrows

Telescopes didnt truly do its thing but still produced some memorable sessions

scarecrows mentawai

Tikus had plenty of days like this for the learners

fun surfing
... and super fun small days for the more advanced surfers

Suicides (back yards) produced some epic days too

surf sumatra

After thoughts: June continued to be another excellent month of surf with light winds, consistent swell and happy guests all round. July has already been thumping out bigger surf throughout the month - with the forecast set to deliver the biggest swell of the season during the last week of the month. Check back soon!


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