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Aloita Resort

Nestled amongst the palm trees on Pitojat Island, Togat Nusa Retreat truly is a magical place. A private, tropical island sanctuary perfect for those looking to escape, relax & unwind. Its location in the surf rich Mentawai Islands chain offers an abundance of waves, especially lefts! A small resort, catering for only 8 guests at a time, the focus is on service and friendly vibes.

Pricing per person

From US$ 260 p/person/night
See below for more details


* Private island
* 4 private ensuite bungalows
* 2 guests per bungalow
* 8 people per trip max
* Overlooks a very consistent left    hander - Scarecrows
* Yoga and Meditation Classes
* Daily speedboat to the surf
* Water, coffee, tea, smoothies &    coconuts
* Fishing, Swimming & Snorkeling
* Return transfers to Togat Nusa    using ferry and speedboat
* All taxis in Padang
* Internet

Also available but not included

* Alcohol & soft drinks

  Surf Map       
  Surf Consistency       
  Togat Nusa Retreat
togat nusa Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows
Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows
Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows
Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows Scarecrows


The group discount of 1000 USD *still applies* on groups of 6-8 guests.

Children under 4 -FREE except for transport costs

In Detail

Part of the Mentawai Island chain, Pitojat lies off the North Western corner of Sipora Island, approximately 80 kms off the West coast of mainland Sumatra, Indonesia.

Ringed by beautiful white sand beach, the 12 hectare island can be circumnavigated in just half an hour.

Looking out over a turquoise lagoon at the front of the island, Scarecrows, a long left hand wave peels around the fringing coral reef. The other end of the Island drops off quickly into a deep enchanting channel and offers impressive views to the south of the palm fringed mainland and waves breaking on distant reef passes.

Your package & Accommodation

In 2014 we have adopted a 9, 10 or 11 day trip schedule. The main advantage of visiting our retreat is our limited occupancy while our standard trip is all inclusive and includes your accommodation, food,  and transport to the waves and activities around our island.


* Your own private island
* Private double bungalow with ensuite (max 8 guests)
* 9, 10 or 11 days stay at Togat Nusa Retreat depending on your trip.
* Great waves - it overlooks a very consistent left hander - Scarecrows
* Taxis in Padang (airport and hotels)
* Return transfers to Togat Nusa using the Mentawai Fast Ferry (see below)
* Daily speedboat transport to optimal surf breaks.
* All meals and food including most snacks
* 1 Bottled Water / Trip (refillable in restaurant)
* Coffee/tea, smoothies and coconuts
* Fishing, Swimming & Snorkeling
* Yoga and Meditation Classes
* Take a local sanpan/canoe for a paddle
* Visit a local village, attend church on Sundays

Four traditionally inspired Bungalows, each uniquely designed and built in the same style as the main building, using recycled timbers and driftwood. Each bungalow is setup to accommodate 2 (unless already organized) people , for a total of 8 guests on the island at any one time. All have private bathrooms with running hot water. The funky interior design incorporates hand built custom furniture and antique lighting and fixtures left over from Dutch fishing vessels. Each bungalowalso has fans to help stay cool.

Not included:

* $25 VISA fee on your arrival
* $10 departure tax
* $4/day Mentawai Government Tax.
* Bottled Water - Soft Drinks, Juices
* Wireless Internet is available in the Bar/restaurant area for guests to email, skype and check surf
   reports. The price is RP. 700,000 for unlimited access, for those with their own computer,    otherwise RP. 50,000/half hr, to use the house computer.
* Hard Alcohol / Mixed Drinks / Beer.
* Mentawai Souvenirs
* Tips for the staff (This is entirely up to you. Tipping is not mandatory but appreciated!)

Food & Drink
With an emphasis on locally sourced fresh meats, fish, fruit and vegetables as well as home baked breads and pastries, our experienced Indonesian chef combines traditional and western recipes to create the most delicious meals. Breakfast for early birds there is fruit , yogurt and home made granola, coffee and tea.

You can order what you like, Omelettes, pancakes, French toast with home made bread, Bacon and eggs.

Lunches and Dinners are served buffet style pizza, burritos, pasta, curries, some Indonesian dishes, ren dang, lumpias, soto ayam, fresh fish,roast chicken, fresh salads.

Home made cakes ,donuts and fresh fruits for dessert.

You will be given a large aqua bottle you can refill in the restaurant .

Food allergies and special dietry requirements are not a problem but should be specified before yours arrival to ensure we are prepared. Please also inform us of any birthdays or special occasions during your stay so we can help to make them extra special.

The Bar
The Bar was the first building on the island and is essentially the hub for all island activity. Situated at the front of the Island, with a panoramic view of the waves reeling off at Scarecrows, this is where guests will gather for meals, to enjoy a drink, or simply to put their feet up, listen to some tunes and watch the surf!

Our Bar stocks a variety of beers and spirits as well makes cocktails and fresh fruit smoothies, its NW facing aspect makes it the ideal place to grab a cold beverage and watch the sun set on another perfect day in paradise.

Boats & surf guide

A traditional dug out canoe, powered by two 40 horsepower Yamaha engines will transfer you safely to and from the surf at speeds of up to 20 knots. Built locally, this style of boat is designed for travel in local waters and, whilst the ride can sometimes be a little wet, the length and shape of the hull helps it too cut efficiently through the surf for a smoother ride than a western style speedboat.

Our drivers are experienced boatmen, growing up in the islands and around boats all their lives, it is impressive to watch the way they maneuver these big logs around . As well as carrying all the required safety gear, the boat has a cooler with cool drinks. It has a large roof and padded seats with backrests, ensuring guests are comfortable and protected from the sun during travel and when sitting in the boat shooting photos or taking breaks between sessions.

Daily transport to optimal surf breaks are included.

Return transfers

The dates you see below are trip dates, guests need to arrive in Padang the day before your trip date, as the Mentawai Fast Ferry leaves very early in the morning the first day of the trip. A hotel or homestay can be arranged within your budget. Departure flight the morning after the last day of your trip (depart 6am from Padang if need be).

Departure is 6.15am from Padang morning of the trip. Hotel or homestay accommodation will be organized,  guests are responsible for payment. Around $50 for hotel, $35 for homestay. Transport fee includes pick up and drop off from airports to hotel, and then on to speed boat. We will arrange all the logistics in Padang upon booking!

Upon your arrival , in Padang you will be met at the airport by a Togat Nusa Retreat representative, {transport around Padang is all included in your transport fee} who will escort you to your hotel , we will book your hotel for you , but guests are responsible for the cost.

You will be picked up in the morning (approx 6.15am), please have breakfast at your hotel. Brunch is provided en route to Togat Nusa Retreat.

Departure from Padang around 6.45am.

In 2015 we will be utilizing the services of The Mentawai Fast Ferry. You'll arrive in port (Tua Pejet, Sipora) around 9.30am and then taken by speedboat to Togat Nusa (20 in boat ride!)

This is a brand new service (as of 2014) - and takes 3-4hrs to make the crossing.

Pricing is USD $150 per person each way for all transport and porters between the airport, your hotel and the reosrt.

  Yoga & meditation   Yoga and meditaion is on offer anytime the guests coordinate with the yoga teacher.


2015 Schedule

Our trips are 9, 10 or 11 day packages:

USD 260 / night + USD 300 Transport

9 nights / 10 days = USD 2,640 per guest
10 nights / 11 day
s = USD 2,900 per guest
11 nights / 12 days = USD 3,160 per guest

Togat Nusa SCHEDULE 2015
Group Month DEPT PDG ARV PDG Days Surfing NIGHTS AT CAMP  
1 April 03-Apr 13-Apr 11 10 6 spaces available
2 April 13-Apr 23-Apr 11 10 4 spaces available
3 April 23-Apr 04-May 12 11 8 spaces available
4 May 04-May 13-May 10 9 8 spaces available
5 May 13-May 23-May 11 10 8 spaces available
6 May 23-May 03-Jun 12 11 0 spaces available
7 June 03-Jun 12-Jun 10 9 6 spaces available
8 June 12-Jun 22-Jun 11 10 8 spaces available
9 June 22-Jun 03-Jul 12 11 4 spaces available
10 July 03-Jul 14-Jul 12 11 0 spaces available
11 July 14-Jul 24-Jul 11 10 0 spaces available
12 July 24-Jul 03-Aug 11 10 8 spaces available
13 August 03-Aug 14-Aug 12 11 8 spaces available
14 August 14-Aug 24-Aug 11 10 6 spaces available
15 August 24-Aug 04-Sept 12 11 7 spaces available
16 Sept' 07-Sept 18-Sep 12 11 8 spaces available
17 Sept' 18-Sep 28-Sep 11 10 6 spaces available
18 Sept' 28-Sep 07-Oct 10 9 8 spaces available
19 Sept' 07-Oct 16-Oct 10 9 8 spaces available
20 October 16-Oct 27-Oct 11 10 8 spaces available


Once we have confirmed your dates and received your event invitation form we require a
$500 per person deposit to secure your booking (+ $25 bank fee per bank transfer)

You can pay by bank transfer (please e-mail for bank information).

Final payment 90 days prior to arrival.

Deposits are non-refundable but may be used towards a future trip. (Must be used within two years from date of receipt)

Any form of payment constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions stated on this site.

$25 bank handling surcharge added on all bank transfers. 
All guests are responsible for paying a $4/day Mentawai Tax.
A $25 administration fee will apply to each change after a booking has been confirmed.
Changes cannot necessarily be accommodated in all cases.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of a trip must be made within 90 days of your departure date. There are no refunds or partial refunds given for early departures from a designated charter, poor surf, or inclement weather. In addition, there are no refunds given for reasons pertaining to unstable global, national, or local political situation that does not directly pose a threat to the safe operations of our trip


  Waves Descriptions
See Gallery for pics

The Mentawai Islands are world renowned by surfers, not only for the quality of waves on offer here, but also for its consistency as a surf zone.

Surfeable year round, it is the southern hemisphere winter, from April through to October that sees the peak of the season, as storm activity in the southern Indian Ocean pushes swell after swell up towards the Island chain.

Situated on Pitojat Island, off the northern end of Sipora Island, guests to Togat Nusa Retreat have access to a number of quality breaks, all within a short boat ride of the Island...

We have compiled a brief glimpse of five well-known surf spots near Togat Nusa Retreat with many more secrets around us!



Rarely a day goes by when there isn't some form of surfeable wave at this swell magnet An average day at icelands will see a steepish takeoff, followed by a shorter ride with opportunity for a couple of turns and the occasional barrel.
However, it is once a big W-SW swell hits that Icelands truly starts to show itself, transforming from a small swell go to spot into somewhat of a beast. A powerful left, the takeoff is steep, as the wave jacks quickly out of deep water throwing out a heaving barrel, for anyone who has what it takes..... (maybe a bigger board?) to paddle over the lip and into it!



Your New Frontyard - A long lefthander wraps around the front of the Island for rides of up to 200 yards. Picking up most available swell and surfeable on any tide, and at any size, Scarecrows is one of the most consistent breaks in the Mentawais. A wave of many moods depending on swell size and direction, the length of the wave ensures a little of everything is on offer. On a good day out front a surfer will find, open faces perfect for carving, long racing walls and multiple barrel sections...sometimes all on the one wave! A fun wave, suitable to surfers of all abilities and skill levels. The reef here is deep by Mentawai standards, though the inside "Curry Bowl" section can get shallow and challenging at low tide, rewarding those who commit with a more intense barrel!



When its on this long lefthander would have to rank up there with as fun of a wave to be found anywhere. Requiring a more specific swell direction, Teles is not as consistent as some of our other spots but, once the swell direction is good and lines start wrapping around into the bay at Mapadegat, it really is a sight to be seen. Long rides of over 200 meters are possible, as predictable section after section offer ample opportunities to whack, hack and pull in! Considering the quality of wave, Teles is quite forgiving, the reef here is relatively deep, though the wave should definitely not be taken too lightly. Big swells see large sets breaking further up the reef as barrels reel quickly down the line and into the regular takeoff zone, slowing down briefly before walling up and concentrating again on the inside tube section.

Ombak Tidur

ombak tidur

A right hander which breaks over a shallow and very live reef, is best surfed on a high tide. Those who aren't lured too far up the reef by an enticing, yet unmakeable section, can negotiate a steep takeoff straight into a barrel before coming through to the next section and chance for a couple of turns as the wave fattens out into the channel

Seven Palms

7 palms

Good option for some fun on small days Only a short ride from Togat Nusa, Seven Palms peels off along the reef in front of a scenic limestone coved beach. The wave tends to close out when the swell gets too big so is generally saved for a bit of a change on those smaller days. It is a fun, rippable wave capable of throwing out the odd barrel. Suitable to surfers of any skill level, those looking for more of a challenge can push themselves further up the reef to a sometimes makable faster barrel section.


Shala Kelaka

Beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear tropical ocean, great food, friendly staff, and a comfortable artistic accommodations make Togat Nusa Retreat Heaven on earth! A truly relaxing and inspiring sanctuary with amazing surroundings!

Jennifer Cogswell
The snorkeling around Togat Nusa is beautiful, on one trip I saw a school of 6 spotted eagle rays! Afterwards I got to lounge on my own white sand beach and watch the sunset. Then it was time for a dinner of gormet island cuisine at the beachside restaurant. Thank you Togat Nusa for an amazing time!

Yuko Suzuki
I had my 31st birthday at Togat Nusa Retreat.
"Crazy hat party"
Every body created own hat from things only found on the beach.
Daaaaamn, it was sooo fun.
Memories were made that will stay with me the rest of my life.
I only wish i could still be in "Toga Nusa Retreat"
Thank you and Love you guys...

Belinda Baggs
Over the past year I was lucky enough to clock up some serious hours on the spectacular island of john and ainsley's. Waking up in the serene jungle setting, birds singing up the sun. Breakfast overlooking a perfect left, and rushing out to find myself out there alone wave after wave for hours on end! ahhhh, barrels and surfing till u cant surf no more!!! then when your arms turn to jelly snorkeling over the most breath-taking underwater garden of corals and tropical fish..... watching the sunset during a relaxing walk/ shell collecting around the island.... the perfect life and perfect holiday! John and ainz and all the wonderful mentawaii people thankyou for sharing your amazing world!

Paradise found!!
I ventured to TNR last year not really knowing what to expect, and what I found is my idea of paradise. A remote tropical island, fringed with the most perfectly clear water I've ever seen - which happens to pop up all around the island as the most perfect surf. With way more staff than guests, the hospitality, the service, the food - it was all outstanding and made us feel like we were at home - albeit, the home you would dream about!! Where the hardest decision you need to make is surf, sleep, play or eat.... We scored perfect waves, met new friends, and most of all found paradise... See you guys next season...

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 Camp Overview - The Mentawai Islands
  Aloita Surf, Dive & Spa - The most luxurious resort available in the islands. Perfect for surfers, divers and honeymooners! A/C as standard. All mod cons (Sat’ TV / Internet / Bar / Restaurant).
Only 5-45 mins from 20 world class waves.
   * Learners to advanced
 * Value for money
 * Ideal for couples & Families
 * Dive School
  Lances Left Resort - This newly built camp is situated in South Sipora & over looks Lances Left. Our guests will often surf alone at one of the areas most famed and consitent waves. Lances right is just a mere 15 minute boat ride away too!    * Intermediates+
 * Overlooks Lances left
 * Ideal for small groups
 * 10+ waves within 20 mins
  Togat Nusa Retreat - A private, tropical island sanctuary perfect for those looking to escape, relax & unwind. The retreat overlooks a very consistent wave in "Scarecrows" - a very fun wave, suitable for intermediates and advanced surfers.    * Intermediates+
 * Overlooks Scarecrows (left)
 * Ideal for small groups
 * Yoga Retreat
Pitstops   Mentawai Surf Retreat - Mentawai Surf Retreat rests amongst 20 acres of beach front land on Nyang Nyang Island in the Northern Mentawai region. The retreat is just a stones throw from Pistops and Ebay - 2 world class waves giving you unlimited surf time!    * Intermediates+
 * Overlooks Pistops (left)
 * Ideal for small groups
 * 20+ waves within 30 mins
  Macaronis Resort - Re-opened on 2012, the camp is now setting new standards for what a surf camp can be! All mod cons as standard, including a swimming pool, this resort overlooks the bay towards Macaronis, the "best wave on the planet?"    * Learners to advanced
 * Opposite Macaronis! (left)
 * Ideal for couples & Families
 * The ultimate wave & resort
 Camp Overview - North Sumatra, Simeulue & Banyak Islands
simeulue   Simeulue Surf Lodges - with just a short 100m stroll, you'll have direct access to the best and most consistent wave on the island - Dylan's right. Catering for surfers looking to escape the crowds with an affordable budget.    * Intermediates+
 * 100m from Dylans right
 * Ideal for small groups
 * 10+ waves within 45 mins
Simeulue Surf   Aura Surf Resort - Situated in front of a world class A-Frame aswell as a dozen other waves within the vacinity. The camp offers the best location and overall service on Simeulue as well as all the amenities you need including phone reception & wifi..    * Overlooks "The Peak"
 * The best camp on Simeulue
 * Best local knowledge
 * 10+ waves within 45 mins
banyak surf   Banyak Surf Bungalows - The only land based
surf camp accommodation in the Banyaks that has direct access to the waves in the Bay of Plenty. With 2 left handers and 2 rights, these 4 conveniently located waves are the focus of the camp.
   * Intermediates+
 * 5-10 mins from 4 waves
 * Very uncrowded
 * Over looks Gunters (right)
Telo   Telo Island Surfing Village - The ultimate option for those wanting to benefit from its remote & wave rich location. Not quite so "on the map" as the Mentawais, what it can sometimes lack in swell, it makes up in every other aspect!    * Intermediates+
 * Over looks Pasti (right)
 * Uncrowded
 * 10+ waves within 20 mins
 Camp Overview - South Sumatra, Krui
krui camp   Krui Surf Camp– Located in front of "The Peak" just a few km's away from the town of Krui. Certainly no frills, but also comfortable. This is the areas longest running losman. Guests will benefit from it's prime location, quality waves & it's welcoming hosts.    * Intermediates+
 * Over looks The Peak
 * Most affordable camp
 * 10+ waves within 1.5hrs
  Ujung Bocur Bungalows – New 2014. Great value for money. All mod cons including FREE Wifi! Each bungalow has a private bathroom. Overlooks the areas best and most consistant wave Ujung Bocur. Full date flexibility.    * Intermediates+
 * Over looks Ujung Bocur
 * Good Value+
 * 10+ waves within 1.5hrs
  Damai Bungalows– Also ideally located right in front of Ujung Bocur. Extremely comfortable “Bali Style” accommodation, all mod cons. Great value and great service. Damai is probably the most popular of the camps in South Sumatra    * Intermediates+
 * Over looks Ujung Bocur
 * Good Value+
 * 10+ waves within 1.5hrs
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