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South Sumatra

The main wave in the area is Ujung Bocur (Karang Nyimbor), but there's plenty of other waves on offer. We have 3 camps at Ujung Bocur - Ombak Indah, Damai Bungalows & Ujung Bocur Bungalows. And our latest addition is Krui Surf Camp is found just a few km's from the town of Krui. The whole area offers consistent & uncrowded world class waves, as well as a good amount of variation – from long walled up waves, to short intense peaks and even super fun beach breaks. So no matter what level you are, there'll be something for everyone to ride.

Please visit the surf camps individual pages for surf Information on the Mentawai and North Sumatra

Surf Camp Aloita, Surf, Dive, Spa
Surf Camp Macaronis Resort
Surf Camp Lances Left Surf Camp
Surf Camp Togat Nusa Retreat

North Sumatra
Surf Camp Telo Surf Camp
Surf Camp Moon Beach Resort
Surf Camp Banyak Surf Bungalows

Waves at the Camps

South Sumatra
Ujung Bocur

Surf Camp - Damai Bungalows
Surf Camp - Ombak Indah
Surf Camp - Ujung Bocur Bungalows

The Peak, Krui Left & Right
Surf Camp - Krui Surf Camp


Surf Camp Aloita, Surf, Dive, Spa
Surf Camp Macaronis Resort
Surf Camp Lances Left Surf Camp
Surf Camp Togat Nusa Retreat

North Sumatra

Surf Camp Telo Surf Camp
Surf Camp Moon Beach Resort
Surf Camp Banyak Surf Bungalows

 The Surf South Sumatra
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Ujung Bocur Point (above) – AKA – Karang Nyimbor (KN)

Situated right on your doorstep (Ombak Indah , Ujung Bocur Bungalows and Damai Bungalows over looks the wave) – this long left hander is the best and most consistent waves in the whole of South Sumatra, if not in Indonesia.

The wave

Breaking for a good 200 meters, this wave offers a wealth of sections for every surfer. The furthest outside corner produces the heaviest section, where a decent barrel can be had. Beyond this section is 100 meters of fun feathering lips, ideal for practicing various top turns and round houses. The end section will offer a closeout – that isn’t sketchy in the slightest. But often by then, most surfers have pulled off the wave (from fatigue!). The wave breaks on all tides and is shallower and hollower at low tide.

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Within 10-20 mins (drive) of the main camp at Ujung Bocor (Karang Nyimbor)

Way Jambu – aka Sumatran Pipeline

way jambu

Not for the faint hearted, this perfectly breaking wave offers the advanced surfer what they’ve come looking for in Indonesia. A perfectly breaking barrel, this left hander is Karang Nyimbors bigger, meaner older brother! Its featured in a number of “secret indo” sections on numerous surf flicks such as Ulu’s 32.

Mandiri – Empty Hossegor


A truly world class beach break – in the realms of Hossegor and the like. This beach is very close to the camp and is always empty. Various left and right peaks breaking up and down this long beach.

OsamasSomething for the learners

On the same stretch of beach as mandiri is a tucked away bank that offers a nice peeling and user friendly wave.

Bali Village – quality left and right reef break

bali village

When the swell is small, this rarely surfed reef can provide offer a slice of indo magic.

Within 30-40 mins (drive)

The Peak – Short intense barrel that Krui Surf Camp over looks the wave)

the peak

More of a body boarders wave, this reef slab is a wide open (in and out) pit.  Close to the shore, easily accessible, but is on the doorstep of a camp, based just outside Krui and is one of the few waves in the area that when it works can get crowded quite easily. It needs to be at least 4’ at KN before considering the journey.

Krui Left & Krui rightquality waves, but solid swells are needed

krui left
The Left

krui right
The Right

Located near by to the peak – these 2 quality waves need some decent swell before they even start to break, but on their day, can provide some of the best waves in the area. The waves here are more of an option in the main season.

Jennys Right (Drews right)

surfing abroad

Breaking for approximately 100 meters, this right breaking wave offers a bit of everthing - from decent barrel sections to big open faces. Unlike Karang Nyimbor, this waves entry (although steep) is relatively easy. Once on the wave various sections are on offer - depending on the size of swell and its direction. The end section will always closeout – and can be pretty shallow.

Jimmys right and Jimmys Left – featured in regular surf flicks and feature stories


These reef breaks aren’t for the faint hearted. For advanced surfers only, these waves can be accessed easily by car and are situated only 10 minutes from Drews Right. Transport is cheap and easily available. Both waves need Easterly winds.

Walur and Honey Smacks Indo perfection – for the advanced surfer.

honey smacks

If you’re after super hollow lefts – then look now further. Honey Smacks is a particular perfectly breaking yet ferociously deceptive left breaking wave.

Banana Island 2 heavy offshore waves

The island has both right and left breaking waves that literally peel round the island. Always worth a look and is only 15 minutes by boat from the shore.

There are other waves in the area if you're willing to search..!

left hander

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