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The Camp at Drews Right has the main wave right on
your doorstep. Jimmys right and left is only 10 minutes away as well. And bare in mind, that there are no other camps (or locals) near these waves, so more than likely, you'll be surfing alone when staying at the camp.

Zero crowds in the North!

With the only camp directly in the area, we can guarantee you'll
get the place on your own at
some point during your stay,
if not the entire duration!
 The Surf Northern Area
  Check out The Surf Southern Area  
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Other Waves in the area

Jimmys right and Jimmys Left – featured in regular surf flicks and feature stories


These reef breaks aren’t for the faint hearted. For advanced surfers only, these waves can be accessed easily by car and are situated only 10 minutes from Drews Right. Transport is cheap and easily available. Both waves need Easterly winds.

Walur and Honey Smacks Indo perfection – for the advanced surfer.

If you’re after super hollow lefts – then look now further. Honey Smacks is a particular perfectly breaking yet ferociously deceptive left breaking wave.

honey smacks

Banana Island 2 heavy offshore waves

The island has both right and left breaking waves that literally peel round the island. Always worth a look and is only 15 minutes by boat from the shore.

There are other waves in the area if you're willing to search..!

left hander

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